How to Winterize a Commercial Patio with Patio Enclosures

Use Your Patio Enclosure System To Create a Comfortable Outdoor Environment All Winter Long

Winterize your Porch with Custom Patio Enclosures  winter motorized patio enclosures

When people think about winterizing their patio, they think about packing everything away, perhaps into the garage, or a shed, or even sticking it in a corner. Some folks even go through the trouble to cover everything. This, of course, creates a bleak and uninteresting space and can take hours to do.

At Southern Patio Enclosures, we have a different take on winterizing your patio. With our custom designed clear vinyl patio enclosure curtains, you can not only winterize your porch within a few minutes, but you can also keep it in a usable state during the winter months. Imagine creating a special space on the patio for Christmas, or having March Madness parties on the porch and keeping comfortable? Depending on your climate, all you would have to do is add a heater to the space and you have something that’s perfect for all those indoor winter events that your restaurant hosts.

The clear vinyl patio enclosures that we’ll spec out for your business will also provide an extra protective insulating buffer between your patio doors and windows and the extra chilly outside world.

Our clear vinyl patio panels feature a modular design that makes them easy to remove when you don’t want them and easy to install when you’re ready to use them again. The clear vinyl patio enclosure curtains help you retain that view so that when you’re on your patio you don’t feel enclosed. Even better yet, if you plan that patio party and it starts to rain or snow, you can still have that porch party that you’ve worked so hard to put on for your clients.