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Convert Your Patio into a Temporary Sunroom

Commercial Temporary Sunroom with Our Retractable Patio Enclosures

Retractable patio enclosures

Make money off your patio all year long with our retractable patio enclosures. These custom-designed patio enclosure curtains easily and quickly convert your open-air patio into a full sunroom when the weather is not cooperating. The patio enclosures can be rolled up in minutes to enjoy your open-air patio if the weather warms up. Once the temperature dips again, simply roll down the patio enclosures for an almost instant sunroom! The rolled-up patio enclosure curtains can also slide out of their track and be stored away for a full season, ready to quickly slide back into their track when the weather starts to change again.

A temporary sunroom adds colorcustom built motorized sun shades restaurant sunroom exterior summer day

These patio enclosures are custom-designed to fit your patio and can be bordered in a variety of colors. They are made with the highest quality material and will last for years when taken care of. Our patio enclosure curtains are made with your patio in mind, to give you the most clear and beautiful view of your outdoor landscaping. These patio enclosures cost significantly less than a fixed sunroom but give you the flexibility of a fully-open patio when you want one that a fixed sunroom cannot!

Temporary sunrooms provide insulation

Our commercial patio enclosure curtains can offer a 10 degree difference almost immediately once dropped and secured, but your new temporary sunroom can also be heated and cooled for added comfort. Protect your patio guests from those early and late winter freezes without covering them up with blankets and tarps and still enjoy a beautiful patio.

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