Café Bomba, Ashville NC

This sweet spot in Ashville is a downtown favorite. It’s a place to hang out and read, catch the sun, or believe you just may be sitting in Paris. Chef Hector offers Latin and French-inspired dishes that let you breakfast or brunch all day long. Don’t miss the Nutella crepes and Bomba Benedict. Their baristas, known as “bomalitas,” brighten the mood while whipping up espressos and lattes for the takeout crowd. No wonder locals keep it hopping and tourists keep it on their let’s-do-this-again list.

Café Bomba’s outdoor patio is a people-watching institution. Since that’s a big draw, we’re pleased to help keep their little European-inspired corner of the world more comfortable for the onlookers. To match Bomba’s charming character, we created a custom patio enclosure that sports vanilla-toned roll-up vinyl shades. This installation sits on a city corner, which means it had to play nicely with neighbors and city regulations while being built. With careful planning, everything went smoothly. A space saver with a dash of engaging personality is the result. Mission accomplished!