Benefits of Installing a Roofing System July 24, 2018

If you’ve been dependent on nice weather to use your restaurant’s outdoor space, adding a roof structure is a fast and relatively easy way to win back your patio from Mother Nature. Here are a few ways installing a roof structure can benefit your business:

Extends Your Seating Area 

Adding a roof over open space will help expand your seating area, allowing you to serve more customers and increase your revenue. During peak times, a covered patio can serve as a place where customers can enjoy drink specials and small bites while waiting to be seated. It also allows you to host events throughout the year and opens up the possibility of customers reserving your patio for large parties.

Provides Protection from the Elements

Nothing ruins a perfect patio meal more than suddenly being rained on. Protect your customers by adding a strong, durable roof over your patio. Our louvered roofs are designed and manufactured to conform to nearly all wind and snow load requirements and can quickly be positioned to provide the exact amount of protection desired in a moment’s notice.

Adding a roofing system will also protect your patio electronics and furniture. Extended exposure to sunlight can bleach upholstery, while rain and moisture can breed mold in your furniture. If you have metal tables and chairs, a roof will protect customers from sitting on scorching seats and the harsh reflection of the sun.

Enhances Your Patio’s Design

A customized roof structure can further establish the design and brand image of your business. Our fixed roofs can be manufactured from an endless selection of colors to match the decor of your outdoor area and our louvered roofs come in three finishes: white, sandstone, and clay. Make your business stand out by including comfortable seating options and unique decorative features.

Check out our Pinterest for some of our favorite restaurant patio designs.

Saves Energy Costs

Blocking direct sunlight from infiltrating your business will help keep the inside of your restaurant cool and save on energy costs. Our roof structures are compatible with our motorized and manual patio enclosures to provide maximized climate control and allow customers to use your outdoor area all year long.

Boost Your Revenue with Our Patio Covers!

Looking to expand your outdoor space? Our fixed and louvered roof structures are custom designed and manufactured to meet your needs. For more information, call us at 512-782-8787 or fill out our contact form to receive a free estimate.


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