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Motorized Patio Enclosures Create Sleek, Seamless Fit

Lower Your New High Wind Patio Enclosures With Just the Flip of a Switch!

motorized enclosure glorias restaurant patioWhen you are considering a patio enclosure, you want it to fit seamlessly into your existing décor and design. One of the benefits of our Motorized Patio Enclosures is its sleek, seamless fit onto steel tracks. Of course, the ease of use is pretty impressive as well. You can retract and lower your patio enclosure with the push of a button—it’s as simple as that.

If you’re making an investment in your business, choose a customized, easy-to-use solution like the High Wind Motorized patio enclosures offered by Southern Patio Enclosures.

Motorized Patio Enclosures Are Easy to Use

When you want to unroll the custom designed walls of your enclosed porch, simply press a button. It’s just that easy! You’ll never have to worry about the patio enclosure walls not fitting properly, or that you must battle the elements to lower them manually in a hurry when a cold wind or rain begins unexpectedly. A push of a button takes all of your worries away. It’s equally as easy to retract them—the same push of a button rolls up the patio enclosure to return your outdoor space to an open-air deck or porch to enjoy on sunny, beautiful days. With so many options, you’ll find yourself using your outdoor enclosed patio as a seamless extension of your indoor living spaces.

Patios with Motorized Patio Enclosures Create a Sleek, Customized Look

When you order our High Wind patio enclosures, we customize your patio enclosures to fit the shape of your outdoor space and to match your outdoor décor, creating a seamless, sleek look for your enclosed patio. With this motorized system, your patio enclosures come down and slide easily onto their steel-reinforced tracks. With the ease of use and the customized design, you never have to worry that your enclosed patio looks unattractive or out of place.

Motorized High Wind Patio Enclosures Maintain Durability

Motorized walls are fantastic, but they’re not the only characteristic of these patio enclosures that sets them apart from the competition. Rated to withstand wind gusts of up to 65 miles per hour, your patio enclosures are constructed using a unique RF welding process that makes the vinyl seams virtually tear proof even in tough weather conditions. We use tough PVC vinyl, the same type that debris trucks use to keep their loads from flying out on the highway. Of course, our patio enclosures are infinitely more attractive than the cover of a dump truck, but you can’t beat the durability and toughness of that material. Combine the manufacturing and the materials with our installation on steel-reinforced tracks and you have the perfect picture of a strong system that is built to last.

If you want to create a seamless, sleek look for your enclosed patio, call us at 512-782-8787. You’ll receive a free quote and a small preview of what your outdoor space can become by installing our High Wind patio enclosures. Comfortable, cozy, and completely customized, our patio enclosures will allow you to more fully enjoy your outdoor spaces. Contact us today!


Pavilion Enclosures

No Stitching in the Clear Vinyl of our Patio Enclosures

Our patio enclosures are constructed using no stitching whatsoever in the clear vinyl, creating a stronger, more durable product that you can depend on.

Stitching in our Competitor’s Patio Enclosures Creates Weak Points

When most awning manufacturers need to join the fabric of their patio enclosures together, they use stitching. That method of joining two pieces of clear vinyl fabric together doesn’t seem like it would be a problem—unless those pieces of clear vinyl create patio enclosure walls. An enclosed patio withstands weather-related pressure every single day—wind and rain alone can exert quite a bit of force on vinyl patio enclosures. In conditions like these, those stitched seams become a perfect location for system failure. The perforations that the stitching creates along the edge of the clear vinyl work like the perforations in a piece of notebook paper—strong everywhere else, but entirely weak in that spot. Days of being buffeted by breezes or hammered by mild rainstorms can cause our competition’s patio enclosures to fail at precisely these spots, beginning a downward spiral of disintegration that leaves customers with their investment hanging in tatters.

Welding, Not Stitching, Keeps Our Patio Enclosures Strong

At Southern Patio Enclosures, we use a manufacturing process that eliminates the stitching process altogether in the clear vinyl of our patio enclosures, creating nearly tear-proof bonds. Using a process called an RF weld, our clear vinyl pieces are bonded together to create seamless connections that strengthen, rather than weaken, the clear vinyl. Our tough PVC vinyl is also one of the strongest on the market; together, our manufacturing process creates a durable product that can withstand daily doses of Mother Nature’s unpredictability.

Choose the patio enclosure that is built to last. Your home is an investment in your future, and your patio enclosure should be an equally sound and durable choice. With our unique construction process, you can be sure that your enclosed patio will remain strong for many seasons to come.

Call us at 512-782-8787 to have Southern Patio Enclosures give you a free quote. Let us show you how we can help you create a beautiful, customized enclosed patio built with strength and durability in mind.

When storms strike unexpectedly, the Brushy Creek Pavilion will now be protected from the elements!

Patio Enclosures: Made in the U.S.A.

Patio Enclosures: Made in the U.S.A.

Support American Industry with Southern Patio Enclosures

When storms strike unexpectedly, the Brushy Creek Pavilion will now be protected from the elements!Here at Southern Patio Enclosures, we are proud to be Americans and we are even prouder to support American industry by selling outdoor patio enclosures that are manufactured here in the U.S.

The past few years have been truly tough for most American businesses, regardless of their size. The economy has been in the forefront of most Americans’ minds, as they continue to struggle to adapt to changing financial circumstances. One of those changes, more and more popular over the past decade, is the loss of American jobs overseas. It’s hard to compete in a global economy, and many businesses simply can’t do it. That’s one of the reasons why we are so proud of our commitment to American-made products. Our vinyl patio enclosures and sun shade enclosures are made right here in the U.S.A.—in fact, they are made in our home state of Texas. We are enormously proud to support the success of another American business.

U.S.A.-made Patio Enclosures are Stronger and More Durable

We are especially proud of the exceptional quality of our American-made clear vinyl patio enclosures. Our clear vinyl patio enclosures and sun shade patio enclosures are built with durability in mind, utilizing a manufacturing process that eliminates our competitor’s structural weak points. Rather than stitching our vinyl material together, creating a perforated seam that is significantly weaker than other parts of the vinyl, our patio enclosures are joined using an radio-frequency welding process, creating a virtually tear-proof bond.

The fine craftsmanship of these clear vinyl patio panels demonstrates the heart of American ingenuity and dedication. American industry sees problems and solves them, just like the manufacturers of our patio enclosures did with the RF welding process. We want to provide you with the most durable materials and construction possible—and we are so happy we can do so while supporting our economy.

Southern Patio Enclosures Supports You

Your pride in American-made products is clear in your support of our Texas –based business, and we thank you. To demonstrate our commitment to our customers and to outstanding customer service, we back our U.S.A.-built clear vinyl patio enclosures with a three-year warranty against any manufacturing defect that prevents them from operating correctly. We are confident in the quality and performance of our temporary patio enclosures, and we know you will be too as you spend year after year enjoying your outdoor enclosed patio.

Call us today and let us provide you with a free quote to transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and comfortable extension of your existing dining space.


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NEW High Wind Patio Enclosures from Southern Patio Enclosures

NEW High Wind Patio Enclosures from Southern Patio Enclosures

Southern Patio Enclosures is proud to announce the strongest vinyl patio enclosure on the market

Our Systems Can Tolerate High Winds

Upgrades to Our Products Provide Fuller High Wind Protection

Southern Patio Enclosures is excited to announce our new product line of High Wind patio panels, built to withstand up to 65 mph wind gusts. Perfect for patios in typically windy climates or in areas that frequently have breezy winter weather, our High Wind patio systems are durable, strong, and easy-to-use. Our motorized enclosures have been upgraded to withstand high winds of 85 mph – without damage! For further protection, we can also manufacture our motorized systems to be hurricane-rated products, easily enduring up to 120 mph winds. 

Enclosed Patios Tested by Windy Texas Plains

Springtime brings a host of exciting changes, and for Southern Patio Enclosures, our first chance to see our new High Wind patio enclosures in action. The windy plains of Texas in 2013 provided plenty of opportunities to test the durability and strength of our new High Wind patio enclosures. Breezy conditions, cooler temperatures and strong spring storms combined to create the perfect climate conditions to showcase the strength and durability of our High Wind patio enclosures.

Our High Wind Patio Enclosures Are Made Differently

Because we use a unique RF welding process in our manufacturing, our rope & pulley patio enclosures successfully endure wind gusts of up to 65 miles per hour—without damage! Our competitors use stitching that leaves their products vulnerable to significant damage along those seams after even the mildest wind gust. With the RF weld, we bond our vinyl material together, ensuring that, when used properly, these High Wind patio enclosures can stand both the test of time and windy conditions. Combine this manufacturing process with the strength of our steel-reinforced track system and your enclosed patio will remain comfortably protected from the elements for years to come.

High Wind Patio Enclosures Are Easy to Operate

Though you’ll love how durable these high wind patio enclosures are, you’ll likely be entirely thrilled by their easy use. Choose from either a manual or motorized gear system and be amazed by how easy your patio enclosures are to unfurl and retract. Beautiful day? Retract the walls of your enclosed patio and create an open-air environment that you can enjoy. Chilly wind? Unfurl the walls of your patio enclosure with a turn of a crank or the touch of a button and create a warm, inviting space that your neighbors will envy. Simple and easy to operate, these patio enclosures let you spend your time enjoying your enclosed patio rather than wasting time setting it up.

High Wind Systems Are Durable and Backed by Our 3-Year Warranty

We are so sure that your enclosed patio will stand up to the true test of daily living, we back our product with a three-year warranty. All you need to do is use it properly, clean it every few months, and enjoy your new enclosed patio, feeling secure that it will keep you snug and comfortable for years to come. Interested in finding out how you can turn your outdoor space into space that works for you year round, regardless of the weather ? Contact us today!

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Patio Enclosures Strong Enough to Stand the Tests of Time

Southern Patio Enclosures provide the strongest curtain enclosure on the market.

Patio Enclosures Strong Enough to Stand the Tests of Time

At Southern Patio Enclosures, we are certain that the technology used in the construction of our clear patio enclosures makes them worth your investment. Because they stand up against the test of time, you receive a larger ROI.

The difference in our manufacturing process allows our patio enclosures to be much more durable than our competitor’s. Our competition stitches their patio enclosures together at every seam, creating several perforated edges in the clear vinyl, much like what you find in notebook paper. Think about how easy that notebook paper is to tear out when you exert even the tiniest amount of force. Now imagine that piece of paper is the patio enclosure that you just invested in. This devastating defect creates multiple weak points in the patio enclosure that can cause premature failure in high winds. We have seen our competitor’s patio enclosures fail, even when basically brand new, under the stress of winds of only 15 to 25 mph. That’s a typical spring storm! Your investment should last longer than a single season and with Southern Patio Enclosures, it will.

At Southern Patio Enclosures, we use a radio-frequency welding process to join the clear vinyl to adjacent clear vinyl as well as to the colored vinyl border. In layman’s terms, we’re permanently joining the two materials together to create a tear-proof seam. With this technology, you cannot beat the strength of our patio enclosures. All of our patio enclosures are rated to withstand winds up to 45mph, and our High Wind Patio Enclosure systems are rated to withstand winds up to 65 mph! When properly cared for, your patio enclosures from Southern Patio Enclosures will stand the test of time.

Another durability problem faced in this industry comes from the fabric our competitors use as a border. While a fixed awning fabric works beautifully for certain outdoor structures, patio enclosures are not one of them. Patio enclosures are subject to constant friction from the wind. With the wrong kind of material, like the ones our competitors often use, the friction caused by the interaction with your patio wall or floors eventually causes’ fraying that spreads the entire length of the enclosure. Imagine what happens when you wear a pair of blue jeans that are too long at the bottom; now imagine them to be very expensive blue jeans that were supposed to fit perfectly and last for decades. That’s essentially what happens as a result of our competitor’s process.

At Southern Patio Enclosures, we use a PVC coated vinyl mesh that outperforms any other material in the patio enclosure industry. This material is what is used in debris tarps that are stretched over dump trucks carrying rocks and tree limbs. Of course our version is much more attractive, but this analogy helps describe our motto of “Commercial Grade, Residential Quality”.

We are working hard to ensure the long-lasting durability of your investment by taking all possible steps to make it the longest lasting and beautiful clear patio enclosure possible. We do much more than our competitors to ensure the strength of our product and, thus, the strength of your investment.

We invite you to take a look at what Southern Patio Enclosures has to offer you. We guarantee that you will not find a stronger, more durable product or a team more dedicated to your satisfaction. Your investment is important to us, and we create a product that allows you to enjoy and benefit from it for years to come.

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Embrace Spring with Southern Patio Enclosures

Patio Enclosures protect your customers from all types of weather

Embrace Spring with Southern Patio Enclosures

Mark Twain once said, “In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” We have seen proof of this Twain truth in our Texas spring weather, as I know you have wherever you live! Winter has finally made way for spring all over the country, and with it the absolutely unpredictable weather we have come to know and love. Spring showers bring flowers…and wind…and rain–and potential economic hardship to a restaurant or outdoor space with no protection from the elements. A durable patio enclosure is now essential equipment!

If your diners are anything like us, when May rolls around we begin imagining late afternoons and early evenings spent sitting and enjoying a cold drink. If your patio or outdoor seating area isn’t protected, you may lose customers who share our fantasy to a competitor who is wisely taking advantage of their customers’ spring fever. Let Southern Patio Enclosures ensure that you are keeping your revenue stream blooming while dealing with Mother Nature’s occasional mood swings.

Spring brings storms and heat and unpredictable weather. But how can Southern Patio Enclosures help you make the most of your springtime business?

Spring winds have no potential to blow away your business

Our welding technology means that your patio enclosure will hold up, when properly used, against winds of up to 35 miles per hour without failing. Our High-Wind Patio Enclosures are rated up to 65 mph!

Spring rainstorms will not rain on your parade

Our durable vinyl material blocks the rain and ensures that your outdoor dining space is completely protected when your patio enclosures are rolled down.

Spring cold snaps can’t freeze the enthusiasm of your outdoor guests

Our patio enclosures maintain temperature control, blocking the wind and helping you ease the chill with the most efficient use of your heaters. You’ll see the benefit in your energy bills and in your profit margin.

Spring heat waves can’t wilt your profit margin

When combined with our Sun Shade products, your clear vinyl patio enclosure becomes a complete patio solution. The Sun Shade product blocks up to 96% of the sun’s rays, along with its associated heat. Transition from spring to summer weather without missing a beat, allowing your business to thrive because you have protected your customers with the wisest investment possible.

With Southern Patio Enclosures, you can ensure that your outdoor space will still be making money even when the spring weather turns unpredictable. Contact us today for a free quote!

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Wind Protection for your Patio with Restaurant Patio Enclosures

Protect your customers from the wind this spring with our commercial grade patio enclosures

Wind protection for your patio with Restaurant Patio Enclosures

Whew it’s been a windy spring, and it’s only just begun! Have you been able to seat the tables outside on your patio? Most restaurants plan on turning a table four times a day. That could be $2000 dollars in lost revenue a day if you have ten four-top tables, and your average table spends $50.

Retractable patio enclosures offer protection from the wind and allow you to seat your restaurant patio year-round whether the weather is beautiful, cold, windy or rainy outside. Our clear patio enclosures are custom-designed to fit your patio, and offer the maximum amount of clear material, allowing your customers to continue enjoying your lakefront or landscaping view.

Our original clear vinyl restaurant window panels offer wind protection up to 45 mph, but we also offer a high-wind product that offers wind protection against 65 mph! These are great for waterfront patios, allowing your customers to enjoy both your food and your view no matter the weather. All of our restaurant patio enclosures are custom designed to fit your specific needs and are completely retractable. Southern Patio Enclosure’s customer service will ensure that you are happy with your patio enclosures as we know that any investment into your own business should work for you, without being a burden. Our patio enclosures are all top-quality, with only the best materials used. Our supplier has been manufacturing restaurant patio enclosures for over three generations! We work hard to make sure you have the best patio enclosures available and provide the customer service to make it an easy addition to your patio.

Pluckers Wing Bar

Convert Your Patio into a Temporary Sunroom

Commercial Temporary Sunroom with Our Retractable Patio Enclosures

Retractable patio enclosures

Make money off your patio all year long with our retractable patio enclosures. These custom-designed patio enclosure curtains easily and quickly convert your open-air patio into a full sunroom when the weather is not cooperating. The patio enclosures can be rolled up in minutes to enjoy your open-air patio if the weather warms up. Once the temperature dips again, simply roll down the patio enclosures for an almost instant sunroom! The rolled-up patio enclosure curtains can also slide out of their track and be stored away for a full season, ready to quickly slide back into their track when the weather starts to change again.

A temporary sunroom adds colorcustom built motorized sun shades restaurant sunroom exterior summer day

These patio enclosures are custom-designed to fit your patio and can be bordered in a variety of colors. They are made with the highest quality material and will last for years when taken care of. Our patio enclosure curtains are made with your patio in mind, to give you the most clear and beautiful view of your outdoor landscaping. These patio enclosures cost significantly less than a fixed sunroom but give you the flexibility of a fully-open patio when you want one that a fixed sunroom cannot!

Temporary sunrooms provide insulation

Our commercial patio enclosure curtains can offer a 10 degree difference almost immediately once dropped and secured, but your new temporary sunroom can also be heated and cooled for added comfort. Protect your patio guests from those early and late winter freezes without covering them up with blankets and tarps and still enjoy a beautiful patio.

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How to Winterize a Commercial Patio with Patio Enclosures

Use Your Patio Enclosure System To Create a Comfortable Outdoor Environment All Winter Long

Winterize your Porch with Custom Patio Enclosures  winter motorized patio enclosures

When people think about winterizing their patio, they think about packing everything away, perhaps into the garage, or a shed, or even sticking it in a corner. Some folks even go through the trouble to cover everything. This, of course, creates a bleak and uninteresting space and can take hours to do.

At Southern Patio Enclosures, we have a different take on winterizing your patio. With our custom designed clear vinyl patio enclosure curtains, you can not only winterize your porch within a few minutes, but you can also keep it in a usable state during the winter months. Imagine creating a special space on the patio for Christmas, or having March Madness parties on the porch and keeping comfortable? Depending on your climate, all you would have to do is add a heater to the space and you have something that’s perfect for all those indoor winter events that your restaurant hosts.

The clear vinyl patio enclosures that we’ll spec out for your business will also provide an extra protective insulating buffer between your patio doors and windows and the extra chilly outside world.

Our clear vinyl patio panels feature a modular design that makes them easy to remove when you don’t want them and easy to install when you’re ready to use them again. The clear vinyl patio enclosure curtains help you retain that view so that when you’re on your patio you don’t feel enclosed. Even better yet, if you plan that patio party and it starts to rain or snow, you can still have that porch party that you’ve worked so hard to put on for your clients.


Holidays on the Porch with Patio Enclosures for Facilities of all types

Patio enclosures give you a unique place to do all of your holiday entertaining.

Commercial patio enclosures for Christmas

It’s that time of year where parties are a plenty. Southern Patio Enclosures has a unique idea for a party place: your patio, porch, or gazebo! Pack the room with guests while the snow blows outside, add a heater for more comfort if you need. Our patio enclosure curtains keep your space free from poor weather conditions that can stifle the holiday spirit.

Corporate Christmas Ideas winterize restaurant patio temporary enclosure green border clear vinyl interior restaurant christmas lights winter banquet setting

Host a Christmas party for your coworkers on the patio! Share your facility and beautiful views of a winter wonderland with your employees.

Party in the Gazebo This Year

But what about that gazebo? Wouldn’t it be a pretty place to decorate for the holiday season? It sure would make a great space for guests. Our patio enclosures are great for gazebos as we can build them to completely surround the space, we can also create a doorway that opens and closes that is made from the same material as your enclosures. It’s there when you need it and gone when you don’t.

Our Patio Enclosures Will Keep You Partying for Years

The patio enclosures that we sell are of the highest quality and backed by a great warranty. Made from strong vinyl materials and industrial grade mounting hardware, they’ll be usable for years to come.

Enclose Your Patio Without Feeling Enclosed

Constructed from a clear vinyl, your patio won’t feel enclosed and guests will be able to enjoy a great view of the outdoors without the extra chill in the air. Contact us today to learn more about our manual and motorized products!

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