9 Best Restaurants with Amazing Outdoor Patios in Texas

June 13, 2017

One of the very best experiences one can enjoy in life is exquisite outdoor dining. What better way to spend an evening than enjoying great company, delicious food, in a cool summery breeze of a restaurant with an outdoor patio in Texas? The great thing with these restaurants is that by having a restaurant patio…

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Motorized Shades Delray Beach

Southern Patio Enclosures-Delray Beach Club

May 9, 2017

Delray Beach Club The Delray Beach Club is a private member-owned Beach Club that sits on 3.5 acres of pristine oceanfront property in Delray Beach, Florida. The property features stunning views that overlook the Atlantic Ocean. Florida is known as “The Sunshine State” for good reason. A cool, shaded retreat during the heat of the…

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Round Rock Pluckers Wings

Pluckers Wing Bar Enclosed Patio in Round Rock

April 28, 2017

The Pluckers Wing Bar in Round Rock, Texas has a great enclosed patio. Texans love to be outdoors, and many people will choose a restaurant with patio seating over one without. The screened walls provide an optimal view for outside “people watching”, or a space to enjoy a game on TV. There is no need…

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custom built motorized sun shades restaurant sunroom exterior summer day

Vinyl Patio Enclosures Protect Your Electronics Investment

February 12, 2017

When you chat with Southern Patio Enclosures about your restaurant’s unique outdoor space, we’ll walk you through a design process that ensures a custom fit using the most durable vinyl material available on the market. When we design your enclosed patio, we’ll give you the opportunity to choose roll-up patio screens or motorized sun screens which both offer the same level of protection against the elements, but which offer different levels of ease as you roll them up and down. You’ll also get the chance to customize the look of your vinyl patio enclosures, making sure that your enclosed patio looks like an organic extension of your restaurant with the colors and design that works best for you.

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Cafe blinds by Southern Patio Enclosures

I’m Interested in Cafe Blinds—What Do I Do Now?

December 28, 2016

We will ask you a few questions about what you are looking to accomplish, help you design an outdoor blinds option that works best for your location, and then create a quote for you. We can do this outdoor blinds consultation on the phone, in person if you live in the Austin area, or you can fill out the contact form and we can set something up at your convenience.

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Who Will Measure Our Outdoor Space for Cafe Blinds?

December 26, 2016

Once we have your measurements in place, we will help you design from the ground up. You will have the choice of the view you want to maintain, the type of fabric you’d like to use including colors, and whether you want a roll up or motorized set of outdoor blinds. Once you decide, your unique set of cafe blinds will be produced and, once installed, will help you create an outdoor oasis no matter the weather or season.

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Our cafe blind systems can also include customized doors.

Cafe Blinds from SPE Can Be Installed Three Ways

December 23, 2016

If the thought of taking on this kind of job makes you a bit nervous, we absolutely understand. We highly recommend that a certified contractor take on the installation of our motorized cafe blinds, and we have four certified crews that can help. If you live near Austin, Atlanta, or Orlando, we have a crew nearby that can help you install your outdoor blinds for an additional fee.

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Get a free quote on motorized cafe blinds from Southern Patio Enclosures

Caring for Your Cafe Blinds from Southern Patio Enclosures

December 21, 2016

They may seem like just some vinyl curtains, but your cafe blinds have a great deal of power and understanding that can help you use them respectfully. Each panel of your outdoor blinds is approximately 100 square feet. Combine that size with a swift 35 mph gut, and you have a 1000 pound force that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Because of this, it’s important to set good habits when using your cafe blinds.

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We Stand Behind Our cafe Blinds With A Fantastic Warranty

November 17, 2016

We live in a skeptical world, and that’s understandable. No one wants to be duped and invest a large amount of money in something that ends up failing after less than a year. When we stand behind a product, it’s because we know that it’s the best product on the market. But we understand that you need some reassurance too. You’re investing in an important product for your business, and you don’t do that lightly. We offer you a three-year warranty against manufacturer defect for that reason—we want you to know that we don’t take your investment in outdoor blinds lightly either.

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Maintaining Your Cafe Blinds is a Simple Process

November 16, 2016

No expensive special equipment is needed to keep your clear vinyl outdoor blinds clear. With a simple wood mop, which is normally made of microfiber and is the same sort of mop you might use on your hardwood floors at home, and some simply vinyl cleaner, you can keep your outdoor blinds clean and well-maintained.

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