Cafe blinds in Austin, Texas at Wise Guy's Pizzeria.

Motorized Cafe Blinds Are Both Sturdy and Low Profile

October 27, 2016

Because of the strength of this design, our motorized patio enclosures are incredibly easy to use. The standard method for deploying your motorized blinds is a remote control, and you can deploy up to 16 blinds with the push of a couple of buttons. The motorized system allows you to protect your outdoor space quickly, efficiently, and without disrupting an event or a customer’s experience. You can also choose from three other options, including a wall mounted switch, a smartphone app, or a system that detects the weather and adjusts your patio enclosures accordingly. Whatever you want for your Dell Valley, Texas restaurant or Philadelphia hotel, we can design an option that suits you.

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Strong Cafe Blinds Can Be Customized to Your Business

October 27, 2016

Your Pflugerville, Texas restaurant is your dream come true and the patio is the most popular place for locals to hang out and watch college football, celebrate family events, and host company parties. But there are times when using that outdoor space is challenging, or even impossible. Rainy weather, blustery days, or the steaming hot…

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Fire rated cafe blinds by Southern Patio Enclosures

Our High Quality cafe blinds Carry National Safety Certifications

October 8, 2016

We are very proud to provide products that are not only the most durable on the market because they are made using manufacturing processes and materials that together create the best product, but also certified to the highest level possible for fire safety. Our cafe blinds are endorsed by the National Fire Marshall’s Association and have been given the NFPA-701 certification. This certification is the one and only endorsement accepted by the NFMA. We are also quite proud to have the CSFM (California State Fire Marshall) certification for our cafe blinds as well. These certifications reflect the level of safety our cafe blinds provide, keeping you and your clients safe during even the tiniest of fires. Our commitment to our customers extends to the safety and durability of our cafe blinds.

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Cafe Blinds Paired with Sun Shades Make a Dynamic Combination

October 6, 2016

To make our patio enclosures even more attractive for your commercial location, our blinds are easy to install. We work with you, step by step, to ensure that your cafe blinds are installed correctly. Whether you decide to do the installation yourself, hire a handyman or local contractor, or contract with one of our local teams, we will give you step-by-step instructions and consult with you throughout the process. Whether you hire the Austin installation team or your favorite local contractor in The Woodlands, Texas, your patio blinds will be ready to go quickly and easily.

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Cafe Blinds are an Easy to Use Option to Keep Up With Demand

September 27, 2016

Expanding a business can be a daunting idea, but it can be essential when your customers are lined out the door or when you’re staring at outdoor space that is not being used. Whether you are booking parties at a pavilion or clubhouse or filling tables at a restaurant, controlling the elements can create an immediate expansion without construction. Our cafe blinds provide a windbreak, a protection from rain and snow and sleet and anything that would otherwise ruin a great party, and a way to warm the chill and block the sun’s heat (with the inclusion of sun shades). By adding patio enclosures to your outdoor space, you’ll be able to serve more customers all year, without any interruptions based on weather.

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Cafe Blinds Create Comfortable Spaces for Customers

September 22, 2016

As a business owner, your primary goal should be to create happy customers who become repeat customers and provide frequent referrals—which leads to a thriving, successful business. That’s hard to do when a significant part of your location is at the mercy of the weather. With our cafe blinds, you can create a consistently comfortable…

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Café Blinds generate comfort and a more hospitable environment.

Cafe Blinds Use Innovative Construction to Increase Your Profitability

September 19, 2016

Our patio enclosures are more durable than the competition and allow you to expand your usable square footage year round. Those simple facts make our cafe blinds the best option available for any business looking to ignore the weather in favor of a stronger, more healthy bottom line. Our Cafe Blinds are Not One Size…

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Smartphone enabled cafe blinds and patio enclosures

Café Blinds with a Smartphone Twist

July 14, 2016

Sometimes technology can seem daunting, especially when it’s new. If that’s how you’re feeling about your café blinds, you need not fear. If you’re familiar with smartphones, the operation of your new outdoor investment will be as easy as using your alarm function—and even if you don’t feel comfortable with a smartphone, this app could…

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cafe blinds temporary sun rooms restaurant patio enclosures business porch black sheep lodge sports bar

Why Café Blinds Are The Best Option for Your Business

July 11, 2016

It’s hot in Dell Valley, Texas. It’s hot enough that your outdoor entertaining space is a ghost town; no self-respecting customer wants to sit and bake in the sun and heat or deal with the glare or the potential for a summer thunderstorm drowning out their pleasant afternoon excursion. What can you do? You’ve probably…

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Cafe blinds from Southern Patio Enclosures will help you increase revenues

Smart Café Blinds At Work By Southern Patio Enclosures

July 8, 2016

Your thriving restaurant is full of happy customers, enjoying a mid-morning brunch on a spring day that’s full of sunshine. But, as spring days sometimes do in Texas, the weather starts to feel a bit more like summer and the outdoor area begins to feel a little less comfortable. Just as you begin to think…

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