Make Your Cold Outdoor Space Work for You Regardless of Weather

September 11, 2014

A green thumb can be quite a burden when the calendar turns toward winter and early spring and you own a wedding pavilion. If you want to keep your plants blooming and thriving, you probably spend much of your time covering and uncovering your garden and fretting about whether or not they’re surviving. You don’t…

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patio remodeling project

Need Patio Remodel Ideas for Your Business? Let Us Help!

September 11, 2014

Maybe you haven’t carefully considered your patio remodel options, or perhaps all of the options seemed too expensive or involved. Have you considered patio enclosures as a viable option? Your business can benefit from a customized patio enclosure, and our version of the remodel is much less time and cash intensive. Let us show you…

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Our cafe blind systems can also include customized doors.

What is A Four Season Patio? ROI—that’s what it is.

August 4, 2014

Commercial Four Season Patio ROI Much as we might want to believe ourselves rugged enough to handle any season when we’re outside, enjoying a meal or entertaining clients, but the reality is that many of us long for a protected space that will allow us to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without any of…

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outside looking into Verdes enclosed patio

Enclosed Patio at Verdes Mexican Parilla

February 24, 2014

Verde’s Mexican Parilla, a popular and beautiful fine dining establishment that combines the love of family with the love of good food, is a cautionary tale about choosing the wrong product to create an enclosed patio. Verde’s had ordered from our direct competitor, looking to expand their seating area and their ability to host large…

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commercial patio enclosures, black sheep lodge

Southern Patio Enclosures Saves Black Sheep Lodge

February 7, 2014

Black Sheep Lodge When you’ve been voted the Best Burger in South Austin, Texas, you better be prepared for hordes of hungry customers. If Texans know anything, it’s beef—and when Texas Monthly bestowed that beefy honor on the Black Sheep Lodge, an unassuming burger and beer joint, the neighborhood fixture was sure that they’d see…

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Pavilion Enclosures

Keep Your Golf Clubhouse Full with Patio Enclosures

January 5, 2014

Don’t let winter weather keep away your avid golf enthusiasts; with a patio enclosure, you’ll keep the fun going all year round in the clubhouse. Golf courses aren’t often known for their bustling winter business, so to keep the revenue stream going you’ll need to think creatively. Though true golf enthusiasts may find the courage…

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patio enclosures used as deck wind shades

Restaurants Love Deck Wind Shades to Keep the Romance Alive

December 15, 2013

You know you’ve done it. You’ve been sitting on the deck or porch of one of those casual yet romantic restaurants just people watching, and you’ve seen them. The first daters. You can spot them across the room—looking polished but not too fussy, because neither one of them want to seem like they tried too…

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The custom design process also allowed City Church to create smaller enclosures to fit specific openings.

Use Patio Enclosures as Deck Wind Breaks

November 16, 2013

Some Restaurants Use Our Patio Enclosures as Wind Breaks Blustery Days are No Match for Our Deck Wind Breaks! Do you know Pooh Bear? If you have or have had a small child anywhere in your general area, you probably know the tale of his blustery day very well. We often think of that when…

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