Caring for Your Cafe Blinds from Southern Patio Enclosures December 21, 2016

When you invest in your outdoor blinds, you’re investing in your business and we want that investment to last. We are building lifelong relationships with our clients, who become more like family, and our biggest goal is to make sure that your cafe blinds perform the way you hope they will and the way they are intended. How can you care for your cafe blinds once they are installed, to make sure that you follow manufacturer’s recommendations? It requires respect, commitment, and a focus on safety.

Respect the Power of Your Outdoor Blinds

Cafe Blinds from Southern Patio Enclosures are your key to keeping your business comfortable all year long.

Cafe Blinds from Southern Patio Enclosures are your key to keeping your business comfortable all year long.

They may seem like just some vinyl curtains, but your cafe blinds have a great deal of power and understanding that can help you use them respectfully. Each panel of your outdoor blinds is approximately 100 square feet. Combine that size with a swift 35 mph gut, and you have a 1000 pound force that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Because of this, it’s important to set good habits when using your cafe blinds.

Every time you are finished with your outdoor blinds, whether that means it’s the end of the day or your event has been successfully completed, roll them up. It may seem like an unnecessary extra step, but retracting your cafe blinds will keep them protected from unexpected wind gusts. Keeping them retracted often also helps to keep the attachments and tie downs in good condition by eliminating extra stress on those connections.

Observe Safety Precautions When Using Your Blinds

When winds do come or are forecasted, it’s important for you to ensure safety first. In the event of a storm, evacuate the area and worry about retracting your cafe blinds when the situation is safe. This is especially true with storms that pop up quickly, like tornados or severe thunderstorms. While you want to protect and preserve your blinds, the most important concern should be your safety and the safety of your customers and staff. If you can prevent the blinds from being down when winds descend, please do. Get into the habit of paying attention to the weather, adjusting your use of your patio enclosures as needed.

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