Commercial Benefits of Having an Enclosed Patio December 6, 2018

Businesses across the country have used our enclosures to add ambiance to their outdoor space and to keep unfavorable weather from disturbing their customers’ experience. See how our patio enclosures can help different businesses boost their annual revenue and contact us today to receive a complimentary quote!

Restaurants, Cafes, and Pubs del frisco restaurant motorized patio sun shades

An easy and cost-efficient way to meet the increasing demand in your restaurant is to enclose your outdoor space. Installing retractable patio screens allows you to expand your seating area to accommodate more guests and manage high wait times. Our rope & pulley panels can cover widths of 60 feet or wider, easily allowing you to offer more seating options to your customers. When lowered, our clear vinyl panels provide protection against annoying pests, rain, and winds of up to 65 mph, while still allowing patrons to enjoy the scenic landscape surrounding your business all year long.

Hotels and Resorts

Use an enclosure to create an intimate space guests can rent for private events. Our motorized patio enclosures can extend up to 20 feet wide and be further customized to meet your needs. Easily and quickly deployed with a push of a button, our motorized systems provide full protection from extreme weather conditions, withstanding winds of up to 85 mph and can be upgraded to be a hurricane-rated product. Using only the strongest and most durable materials available, we will work closely with you throughout the design and installation process to make your enclosed outdoor area a stylish extension of your beautifully-designed interior.

ranch event venue beige clear vinyl patio screens Event Venues

If your venue hosts weddings, conventions, family events, or other large gatherings, you probably work hard to make sure your customers’ special day is perfect. Make your outdoor venue stands out by offering your guests complete protection from unexpected changes in the weather with our enclosures. Our systems are custom-designed to compliment the aesthetics of your business and manufactured with the strongest materials to withstand years of use.

Clubs and Sport Venues

Don’t let events at your country club be ruined because of extreme weather. Pair your patio screens with our high-grade sun shade material that can block up to 95% of the sun’s heat rays. Our patio systems can be easily paired with other climate control devices to keep spectators cool and comfortable. For complete protection, consider installing a roofing structure.

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