Southern Patio Enclosures-Delray Beach Club May 9, 2017

Delray Beach Club

The Delray Beach Club is a private member-owned Beach Club that sits on 3.5 acres of pristine oceanfront property in Delray Beach, Florida. The property features stunning views that overlook the Atlantic Ocean. Florida is known as “The Sunshine State” for good reason. A cool, shaded retreat during the heat of the afternoon is a quintessential part of the coastal lifestyle. The enclosed patio is a wonderful place for members to enjoy the poolside view in comfort. The enclosure helps keep the air conditioning and heating systems operating efficiently. It also acts as a windbreak against the chilly Atlantic breezes that occasionally occur in the evenings.

Delray Beach Has A Thriving Art Community

On July 25th, 2012, Delray Beach was named Most Fun Small Town in the USA by Rand McNally, USA Today and the Travel Channel on a nationally televised special; “Best of the Road”. In addition to the pristine beaches and breathtaking coastal views, there is no doubt the thriving art community contributed significantly to this distinction! More than 20 galleries and public art pieces are located downtown and in the Pineapple Grove Arts District. The North end of the Pineapple Grove district is home to Artists Alley, where you will find a colony of over twenty working artists in their studios. While visiting Artists Alley, you can shop for paintings, sculpture, glass, photography, and other works of original art.