Commercial Roof Structures

Fixed and Louvered Roof Systems for Commercial Patios

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At Southern Patio Enclosures, our fixed and louvered roof systems are strong and versatile options for outdoor spaces that need protection from the elements. We provide the most durable and sophisticated roof structures in the market to businesses nationwide. Each of our products are custom designed to meet your patio’s needs and existing décor, and are compatible with any of our patio enclosure systems.

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Sophisticated and Innovative: Enjoy the Outdoors with Our Louvered Roof Systems

With a 160° range of motion, our louvered roofs can be positioned for the exact amount of protection or ventilation desired. With adjustable settings, the louvers can quickly and remotely be converted from letting in sunshine to blocking heavy rain. Designed and manufactured to conform to nearly all wind and snow load requirements, our louvered roof systems provide the most effective and long-lasting protection possible.

Features of Our Louvered Roof System

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  • Strong. Designed with strong extruded aluminum and stainless steel components, these structures are engineered to withstand the harshest elements.
  • Versatile. Our louvers can integrate flawlessly into any architectural style, such as gable roofs, bay windows, doors, or angled roofs and walls. Choose between three different finishes - clay, sandstone, or white - to match the style of your business.
  • Remote operation. Adapt your patio to the changing elements in seconds with the push of a button.
  • Environment-friendly. Our solar battery pack option eliminates the environmental impact and expense since no additional wiring or power is needed.
  • Built-in gutters. In addition to blocking heavy rain, our louvers have built-in gutters to allow for the efficient removal of rainwater.
  • Low maintenance. All our products are long-lasting and require the least amount of maintenance possible.

Strong and Durable: Our Fixed Roofs Will Protect Your Customers from the Elements

Our fixed roof systems have a liquid-impervious surface that provides rainfall protection as well as sun blocking features, allowing you to keep your outdoor area full of customers. The roofing structure can be paired with our Motorized or Rope & Pulley enclosures in order to further control wind, rain, and sun exposure underneath the structure.

Features of Our Fixed Roof System

  • Customizable. Our fixed roof structures are designed and built with specially selected materials for outstanding durability and uncompromising architectural beauty. Choose from an endless selection of colors to compliment this system to your outdoor area.
  • Long lasting. The roof system’s extruded aluminum materials with tough-coated finishes ensure a long life, durability, and beauty.
  • Drainage System. Our fixed roofs come with a built-in system that uses rain caps, beams, and columns that allow for proper, out-of-view water flow off.

Commercial Patio Roof Structures are Long-Term Solutions

A strong, lightweight, and durable roofing system is exactly what you need to keep your patio open year-round and boost your return on investment. We understand your need for high quality roof and support structures, and are consistently working to provide the best possible materials and enclosures. To start enhancing your patio usage, request a quote from us today.


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