Designing your patio enclosure? Take direction from the sun. October 6, 2021

Eating al fresco on a sunny patio on a beautiful, 75-degree day feels like heaven. While your chef can’t whip up custom weather, an enclosed patio can take the edge off as needed. Views and sun matter to guests. For restaurant owners, heating, and air conditioning costs impact profitability. And everybody, your servers and guests alike, want to be comfortable at your place. Do things right and every patio moment is golden.

Squint up before beginning. outdoor restaurant patio screens

You want to read the sun right. It sets hot in the west, which is why our patio enclosure experts pull out a compass before beginning. Taking cues from the way the sun moves throughout the day helps you choose the right materials for your screens.

Custom solutions for north, south, east, and west views.

Is your restaurant a breakfast spot that closes at 3? Do you deal with 2 or 6 months of summer? What materials are permanent in flooring and other surfaces that could impact how the sun affects your space? A custom designer considers options from every side.

A smart consideration is to use a sun shade for your restaurant’s western exposure. Then you can choose to let the sun in and expand views with more transparent materials on the other sides of your patio where the sun isn’t scorching.

You want solid, vinyl fabric that’s the strongest available – one that’s architectural grade and reinforced. Did you know that solid vinyl fabrics can be 3x as strong as fiberglass and hold onto 99% of their original strength even after 7 years in weather? Technology has come a long way to protect your investment.

Consult an expert for enlightened thinking.

Curious? Talk to a pro. If you’d like to expand your window screens to be as large as possible, our experts are happy to explain how to do it. Special construction with the heaviest bottom weight bar in the industry and a reinforced roll tube across the top now make it possible to have larger views than even a year ago. This unique offering, called MaxView, turns a patio into a shining star that produces income longer. And that’s the kind of exposure everybody really wants.


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