Don’t Send Your Patio Into Hibernation November 24, 2020

Your restaurant is the cure for the cabin fever that will likely set in with the first extended Covid winter. People need a break now and then. If you can keep them warm, they’ll be happy to eat outside no matter the season.

gloria restaurant winter patio screens exteriorWith the right enclosure, patio seating becomes your most flexible option. This has been true for decades and is especially true during times of social distancing. During inclement weather, lower your patio enclosures to offer comfortable dining while remaining socially distanced. Showing your guests that you care about both their safety and comfort with a hospitable patio is a great way to steer them to your place when they ask, “Where are we going tonight”?

Sometimes open air dining may be your safest option. When that’s the case, adapting your enclosure to allow for more airflow is simple. Whenever temperatures dip to their lowest, adding both high and low heaters helps your guests feel extra comfortable. Electric is a first choice, followed by propane.

More airflow measures this year may also inspire new ideas. Why not get creative and invite them to BYOB (“B” as in “blanket”) for a discount? Or think about making a bigger deal of lunch. Maybe offer dinner menus mid-day when the temperature is milder. That way they’re eating while the sun’s still out.

No matter how you configure your patio, encourage guests to make patio reservations before coming, directly with you or on OpenTable’s outdoor dining section. Then everyone can sit in their favorite spot.

Finally, don’t underestimate how much happiness you offer your regular customers. They will truly appreciate that you’ve bent over backwards to provide some normalcy in their lives. When all this is over (and it will be over at some point…), they’ll never forget your can-do attitude, creativity and hospitality at a time when they needed it most.

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For ideas on enclosing your patio, reach out. We’re known for providing the highest quality enclosures. Our Southern Patio Enclosure team has successfully equipped many restaurants with affordable and secure options that extend the life of outdoor dining quite comfortably. By lowering any of our enclosures, your guests immediately feel the change in temperature. And with our motorized enclosures, you can maintain open air dining while blocking wind gusts or bright sun by partially lowering any curtain with the touch of a button.


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