How to Extend Your Patio Season March 6, 2019

Spring is in the air, but if you live in an area where the seasons are anything like Texas weather, you know that weather conditions can change in a moment’s notice. A sunny day can quickly become chilly and overcast, only to develop into a storm with high winds. Investing in climate control solutions like heaters and fans, roofing systems, and enclosures is one of many ways you can transform your patio into the perfect outdoor space during all weather conditions.

Take Control of Your Patio Climate motorized sun shades beige white clear vinyl windows glorias garland texas

Climate control solutions like patio fireplaces, portable fire pits, and fire bowls can help restaurants in areas with long chilly seasons extend their patio season. Their bold and dramatic appearance will easily attract people to your outdoor seating area and paired with our sleek and sophisticated motorized patio enclosures, you will be able to keep your patio customers comfortable by creating a warm and enjoyable environment.

For the summer, installing fans and a misting system can help keep customers cool and refreshed while dining outdoors. Since our enclosure systems are designed to integrate with your outdoor area’s aesthetic, you can discreetly put them away when they are not in use.

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Your Solution to Windy Seasons

If your customers avoid using your outdoor space when winds are strong, you can use our retractable windscreens to protect them from the elements. Our screens are manufactured with highly durable vinyl material, allowing them to withstand winds of 45 mph. Our motorized screens offer protection against 65 mph winds and can be upgraded to be hurricane-resistant. Both of our systems can be quickly lowered in a moment’s notice, instantly protecting customers from extreme weather conditions including wind, rain, and snow.

Install Patio Sun Shades Now to Prepare for the Summer

With the sun staying out a little longer each day, customers will start gravitating towards outdoor seating options in order to enjoy the warm weather. Our enclosure screens not only protect against rain and windy weather, but they can also be paired with our sun shade material to provide a cool and shaded space. Our strong material can block over 90% of the sun’s heat and rays, keeping your patio full and customers happy even during the hottest day of the year.

Make Your Patio Season Last All Year Long

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