How to Keep Your Patio Open for Winter September 3, 2019

As the days start getting cooler, now is the time to prepare your restaurant’s patio for the cold season. Many business owners believe that means packing everything away, but since outdoor areas can easily double your seating capacity, you don’t want to let it go unoccupied until the spring. Instead, let us help you transform your restaurant’s patio into a cozy, inviting space during the harsh winter months.

Make Your Patio a Winter Dining Destination clear vinyl patio windscreens restaurant climate control

Installing a heating system is essential for creating a comfortable outdoor space for patrons, but making sure you are able to keep it warm is important too. Patio enclosures are easily compatible with climate control systems, like heated lamps and fireplaces, allowing you to have full control of your outdoor space’s temperature. Our products are NFPA 701 Certified Flame and Fire Retardant so you can be confident in pairing them with your choice of heating system. By keeping your patio nice and toasty, customers will be encouraged to sit outside, maintaining wait times low and your revenue high.

Book Your Outdoor Area for Holiday Parties

Choose between a manual or motorized enclosure system to create an intimate space guests can rent out for large private events and holiday parties. With the addition of some heating elements, seasonal decor, and special promotions, you can deliver an ambiance that will make your guests’ experience unforgettable, increasing your ROI and customer base.

Choose a Year-Round Solution

It’s never too early to install an enclosure system. In late summer and early fall, you can roll-up your panels to let in fresh air. When the weather starts getting colder, you’ll be prepared to block out the elements and protect your customers by quickly lowering the curtains.

Begin Winterizing Your Patio Now!

Your patio is a valuable part of your business’ space and can easily bring in more profit. Contact us today to get started!


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