Hatch Ideas for Your Restaurant’s Brunch May 18, 2022

Brunch is a relaxed, happy meal for restaurant goers. No one knows that better than New Orleans, the city with double the average brunch restaurants of any town. If you haven’t given this beloved weekend tradition a little kick in the omelet lately, it might be time to focus on it.

Classic Eggs and Beyond

brunch restaurant table

Some favorite top kitchen ingredients for this late morning meal are bread, berries, chicken, bacon, and avocado. French toasts and omelets are menu staples. These old reliables will always be on the menu and bring comfort during uncertain times. Do them even better and you get the repeat business you crave.

These classics matter but what else can you sprinkle in to add a new twist? International flavors will continue to inspire chefs from Mediterranean to Cuban to Indian and Asian. Less expected American flavors like Cajun spices and soul food can also add dimension. Can any of these distinct tastes level up eggs, poultry, and toast on your menu? Pesto eggs and gourmet hand-held breakfast sandwiches were trending online recently. Are they worth trying?

As the restaurant industry recovers, consider adding other higher-end proteins like steak and seafood to brunch. Shrimp scampi has certainly been popular over the last few years. These not only tempt guests; higher-end proteins also create a more robust tab at the end of the meal. Try them in benedicts, but also experiment with them beyond that.

Future Brunch Foods

Always be on the lookout for what’s next. Fermented foods like kimchi, miso and pickles have been trending and are here to stay all year. Non-dairy milks are gaining popularity. Having them on hand for those who like them for health reasons, lowering climate footprint, or simply for their tastebuds is a smart move. Oat, almond, and coconut milk are great options. Also be on the lookout for potato milk, which is starting to be served in Sweden. Plant-based eggs are showing up globally. Maple covered fries and hash browns may soon start trending.

Pay attention to TikTok, which births cooking trends by the minute. Younger Gen Z patrons are being exposed to reinvigorated classics and will appreciate seeing ideas that are literally in their social feeds now. Adding what’s popping up on social keeps your restaurant more relevant.

Brunch Experiences

How about a cooking class on a Sunday when your guests have time to try something new on a day off? Your chef could make it happen and then your brunch guests go home with their next meal already made. A sip and paint brunch can combine food and an art class. Live music can delight guests whether easing in with jazz, a pianist or even a DJ who gets morning jamming better than strawberry preserves on toast alone ever could. People will pay more, stay more, and play more with ideas like these, especially when promoted ahead of time online.

Brunch on the Patio

A more leisurely brunch on the patio gets everyone outside and smiling in the sunshine. Ever seen a bocce court next to a restaurant patio? Or a putting hole? Even the experience of patio dining can be refreshed beyond the obvious joy of being outside.

And now, nobody has to be chased off the patio when the weather app on everyone’s phone says rain is racing in. And no one has to overheat under the midday sun at brunch. Enclosed patios help protect everyone. Did you know that you can feel a 10-degree temperature change just by lowering well-made vinyl patio covers?

Keeping things as happy as possible with a patio enclosure is something we know a thing or two about. Feel free to ask our experts anything about vinyl patio shades from color, design, and size to what to look for in the welding process, which significantly affects durability.

Brunch is a way to straddle breakfast and lunch with a beloved weekend tradition. Costs for breakfast ingredients can often be lower than other meals, which can help your restaurant at a time when every penny counts. So, rise to the exciting possibilities in ways that feel most natural to you and your eatery.


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