Build maximum views into your enclosed, motorized patio with MaxView. April 1, 2021

Are you ready to see more? The physics of patio enclosures just made a giant, 360 degree leap forward. MaxView window vinyl panels

We now have the largest clear window available for motorized patio shades.

Taking in sunsets, skylines, mountains, flowers and trees, and of course sun!, is what sitting outside is all about for restaurant patio-goers. And when a patio gets enclosed to protect guests from rain, wind and other weather, you hope for an uninterrupted view. Now everyone can enjoy true patio ambiance as they see so much more.

New technology for us creates a maximum view for you
(But you probably guessed that by the name!)

The sunny secret is all in the seams. With our original vinyl shades, more structural support is needed in the form of opaque vertical seams and wider horizontal seams at the top of the shade. This new product offers a clear-to-clear weld that almost completely disappears. We’re all about evolving our products as new thinking and science makes what was impossible possible.

Nice views become the nicest patio views with MaxView. Let us show you how the patio experience you always imagined can be yours this year.


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