Vinyl Patio Enclosures Protect Your Electronics Investment February 12, 2017

More and more casual dining restaurants install large screens on their patios, in their dining rooms, and in their lounges so that anyone can enjoy the game playing that day. When you’ve invested that much into your entertainment packages, it makes sense to protect it as much as possible.

Vinyl Patio Enclosures Keep Sports Fans—and Their Screens—Safe

matt's sports bar & grill exterior motorized patio sun shades

Sports fans are dedicated, but they’re not always able to see their favorite game from home. With more and more loyal fans moving away from their home team’s local area, fans depend on restaurants and bars to show the games on large screens with custom sports packages. Restaurants are stepping up to the plate, realizing that plates of wings and lots of beverages are consumed during a game, and that keeping a sports fan happy is good for business.

But what about those TV screens? How do you keep them safe, especially on the open air patios that attract the college football crowd in the early fall because of the comfort of outdoor weather (and the ability to use those outdoor voices!)? That’s what our custom enclosed patio does! Our commercial vinyl patio enclosures can help you create an enclosed patio that prevents wind and rain from damaging your patio and its contents—including the screens that bring all of the business.

Vinyl Patio Enclosures Offer Options for Your Outdoor Space

When you chat with Southern Patio Enclosures about your restaurant’s unique outdoor space, we’ll walk you through a design process that ensures a custom fit using the most durable vinyl material available on the market. When we design your enclosed patio, we’ll give you the opportunity to choose roll-up patio panels or motorized sun screens which both offer the same level of protection against the elements, but which offer different levels of ease as you roll them up and down. You’ll also get the chance to customize the look of your vinyl patio enclosures, making sure that your enclosed patio looks like an organic extension of your restaurant with the colors and design that works best for you.

Whatever you decide, you’ll be able to not only keep your happy sports fans on your patio year round, but you’ll also be able to protect your electronics from the wind, rain, and inclement weather that might otherwise damage them.

Free Quote on Your Enclosed Patio

Want to chat about the options? Let us set up a free consultation for you where we can discuss your restaurant and how our vinyl patio enclosures can take the worry out of fight night, football championships, the World Series, or any other televised event. Fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you!