Chuy’s Tex-Mex – Knoxville, TN November 22, 2021

chuys tex-mex restaurant in knoxville TN outdoor patioLocated on Kingston Pike in Knoxville, this east Tennessee outpost is part of the beloved Tex-Mex chain that started in the early 80’s in Austin, Texas. You’ve got to love a menu that opens with “Let’s eat, y’all,” and encourages you to try “big as yo’ face” burritos. Bringing the fresh to Tex-Mex is their obsession. The fajita marinade is an old south Texas family recipe. Signature sauces come in mild, medium, and hot, made with fire-roasted hatch green chilis from New Mexico. Regulars can’t get enough of the creamy jalapeno sauce that’s not even listed on the menu. Chuy’s ritas come every which way: rocks, frozen, strawberry, swirl, or dot. Their famous tres leches dessert gets many a muy delicioso. And keep an eye out for the Elvis shrine and those fish swimming from the ceiling.

Chuy’s is one of the most popular restaurant groups in the country. So, we’re proud to have enclosed this pet-friendly patio and nearly a dozen others across the U.S. Practical, affordable solutions like these vinyl rope and pulley blinds allow outside guests to get a beautiful clear outdoor view while enjoying goosebumps-free comfort. Restaurant capacity can expand and contract naturally, helping revenue too. Chuy’s, we thank you for your confidence in our work. Our cowboy boots are all ready to take us to your chips and creamy jalapeno sauce soon.


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