Replacing Poorly Fitting Motorized Outdoor Curtains with Our Enclosures at Myrtle Beach February 1, 2017

When we went to visit Dick’s Last Resort in beautiful North Myrtle Beach, SC, we could see why the outdoor eating area was such a draw for them and a favorite for customers. Overlooking a lake and spacious enough to fit large parties, the deck is a beautiful place to enjoy an afternoon or evening with friends. But with cafe blinds that don’t fit and don’t last, the patio stopped being the protected and welcoming place it once was.

Cafe Blinds that Fit Seamlessly

When we set out to design motorized outdoor curtains to protect an outdoor space from wind, rain, and the elements that can ruin a great patio experience, we want those cafe blinds to fit well. When we arrived at Dick’s, we saw what happens when the blinds don’t fit well. The existing patio enclosure they had on their deck were torn and floppy, hanging in a way that allowed drafts and dust to enter the patio. No one wants that! Our customized design allowed us to not only fix the gaps, but create a tight fit across the entire deck, including a double door entrance that matched the rest of the enclosure. That’s how you protect a deck!

Motorized Outdoor Curtains That Maintain The View

One of the benefits of our enclosures is that clients can customize the configuration of colored fabric and clear vinyl fabric to protect whatever the best view is. In Dick’s Last Resort’s case, that was the wide view of the lake and grasslands that surrounds the restaurant. With a large rectangle creating panoramic windows, our motorized outdoor curtains eliminated the cloudy vinyl that the patio had before, but also expanded the view. No more interruptions in the view—just large clear windows for everyone to enjoy.

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