Finding the Perfect Fit for Cristina’s Fine Mex Motorized Outdoor Curtains February 1, 2017

custom patio enclosures with clear vinyl door Cristina’s Fine Mexican Restaurant

When we were asked to customize a set of motorized outdoor curtains for this space, we knew we wanted to maintain the personality of the outdoor space while working to address each one of the challenges that Cristina’s was facing. Home to Texas for more than 25 years, Cristina’s is a family restaurant chain with a specific way of doing things—and we wanted to make sure to maintain the rich history and comfortable feel of their brand, even down to the color scheme. Because of our unique system of personalization, durable product, and commitment to our customers, we were able to create a protected, comfortable space that immediately expanded the seating space for Cristina’s Fine Mex.

One of the charms of the patio of Cristina’s Fine Mex are the rich, wooden accents. Thick beams line the perimeter and make up the bulk of the roof structure. It feels rustic, with a stone floor and a soaring sense of space that makes you feel like you have stepped into a large pavilion that fits more on a ranch than in a shopping center. Because our café blinds are built entirely to order, to suit the measurements of the space, we were able to tackle some fairly complex problems.

Unique Installation: Because of the stone ledge around the outdoor patio, our high wind motorized outdoor curtains needed to be installed with a tight fit that no pre-fab café blinds would be able to achieve. We designed and installed a set of motorized outdoor curtains that worked around not only that stone ledge, but wooded beams and a set of stone stairs.

Access Point: Because Cristina’s has a two-level patio seating areas, the covered patio area needed a door with a clear window pane that led to the uncovered patio area. This door, which has its own motorized system, allows waitstaff and customers to access both areas of the patio easily, and also offers another exit for safety purposes. It also seamless integrates with the rest of the cafe blinds!

Café Blinds Maximize Brand Recognition

Cristina’s Fine Mex has been a popular Texas eatery for more than twenty years, and now has expanded to twelve locations. With that kind of reputation and history, the brand has real weight. The colors, for example, of Cristina’s are deep red and gold, and we wanted to match that in the motorized outdoor curtains that we installed. We also wanted to keep the open, spacious feel of their beautiful patio space. To do that, we customized their café blinds with both bright red accents in solid opaque fabric while maintaining the beautiful views and open spaces with clear vinyl fabric. Both of the fabrics that make up these high wind motorized outdoor curtains are rated to withstand winds of up to 65 mph and are the easiest café blinds to use. The motorized outdoor curtains run on metal tracks (in this case, black metal to match the wrought iron décor used throughout the restaurant) and are raised and lowered with the touch of a button.

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