The Isle at Watercrest in Bryan, Texas February 19, 2018

The Isle at Watercrest in Bryan, Texas is a luxurious independent retirement community. This community takes pride in creating a friendly communal environment where residents enjoy a safe, healthy, and engaging lifestyle. Among the many amenities available to residents is this spacious covered swimming pool. The large windows are covered with motorized sun shades that allow for comfortable enjoyment during all seasons.

The average high temperature in Bryan, Texas during Summer months is over 90 degrees, so these shades help to keep the pool area cool and shady. From November through February, the average high temperatures are in the 60s, with lows dipping into the 40s. Cooler weather doesn’t mean that the pool can’t be enjoyed, though! Swimmers won’t catch a chill from the wind blowing through, as these attractive shades also provide wind protection. The fabric is breathable, so the pool can be heated in the cooler months without creating excess humidity.

George H. W. Bush Presidential Library Center

Just a short drive from The Isle at Watercress is the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum. In addition to the permanent exhibits that focus on President Bush’s life and presidency, there are frequently changing exhibits that offer unique perspectives on American history, culture, and art. This museum offers visitors a chance to see a World War II Avenger Torpedo Bomber, a piece of the Berlin Wall, and precise replicas of the President’s Camp David and Situation Room. You can even get your picture take while seated at the desk in a replica Oval Office!