Lazy Dog Restaurant – Plano, TX February 25, 2022

lazy dog restaurant patio shades in plano txThis mountain-style establishment founded in southern California made its way to Plano, Texas on Preston Road to the delight of the neighborhood. There’s so much to appreciate here from weekend brunch featuring favs like cheesy eggs and avocado toast to entrees like bacon-wrapped bison meatloaf and wok-fired calamari, plus sharable small plates, burgers, and sandwiches. Eat in or take-home with special to-go TV dinners served in retro-styled trays – just like back in the 60s – with comfort-food options like Salisbury Steak and Roasted Turkey. While lazy is in the name, the kitchen is anything but with a commitment to making everything ordered by hand, including the sauces, marinades, and dressings.

If you’ve got a furry bestie, make a pup date on the patio. Dogs give the entrees made just for them five stars. Our custom patio shades keep things comfortable for all, scenic too with wide-open views of the trees and blue sky out back. Manual shades offer maximum window space while offering a clean, tailored look with D-rings anchoring the curtains securely and properly to the patio. The high-grade, commercial solid vinyl in the curtain is unfazed by temperature fluctuations between exterior cold and heat from the beautiful stone fire pit and heaters when those are kicked on for guests’ warmth. Quality materials and installation make a difference in keeping the look upscale and the focus where it belongs, on the food and the outdoor views.


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