Mambo Seafood – Greater Houston, TX August 26, 2021

mambo seafood houston patio screensOne day, you may need some “mambonifico” in your life. If you’re anywhere near Houston on a day like that, you’re lucky. For the last 25 years, Mambo Seafood has offered a delicious blend of American, Latin and Pacific seafood cuisines. It’s a taste of Mexico in Texas. Their innovation includes signature dishes like their famous Vuelve a la Vida® cocktail with shrimp, oyster, fish and octopus. Plus, signature drinks like the Mambo Chelada® – a spicy spin on a traditional michelada ( a Mexican drink made with beer, lime juice and spices served in a salted mug). Casual, affordable, and friendly, with family meals to welcome one and all, they’ve got the recipe down for staying popular no matter what.

We mamboed in to help keep guests more comfortable on their patios at several locations with our affordable roll-downs. In a casual setting, these simple curtains provide a great buffer, keeping rain or wind off guests. They roll up and down manually. Staff can also easily tie them up to any height. You don’t have to have an unlimited budget to get a smart solution made from high-quality materials.


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