Mellow Mushroom — Oxford Alabama January 30, 2023

Not every restaurant entrance has a huge statue of a mascot named Mel standing watch over the parking lot. Yes, the fun of pizza is alive and well here. So is flavor. Locals become regulars after their first bite of Mellow Mushroom’s homemade crust made soft and crunchy in the stone-baked oven. Order a Merry Prankster with aioli, chicken, and veggies tucked under Wisconsin aged white cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. The Great White has four different white cheeses playing together on top. If you’re gluten-free, consider the Mighty Meaty with (count’em) five meats: bacon, ham, sausage, pepperoni, and ground beef. To spice things up even more, place your order on Bingo Night and Trivia Tuesdays.

Our recipe for keeping their patio enclosure easy and comfortable was motorized shades. One remote can raise and lower all the panels with the push of a button. An iPhone app also turns a phone into a control. The new automation can deploy the blinds based on weather or time of day, and their motorized shades are easy to keep looking great too. The curtain cleans itself each time it deploys and retracts thanks to brush strips along the edges of the hood. Clear vinyl polish and a micro-fiber mop clean up the rest. Next time you’re near I 20 in Oxford, stop by and mellow out on the patio with the perfect slice.



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