North Italia – Dallas June 18, 2021

north italia dallas restaurant motorized shades interiorA menu handmade with love is the calling card for this national chain. Their new addition in the Union Dallas Building deserved the same craftsmanship. So, when we got the call that someone had done them wrong, we went right over to check out their enclosed patio.

On arrival, we saw several things that put their customers at risk. Since a large enough support beam had not been installed, the enclosure track was separated from the wall and in danger of falling at any time due to twisting and buckling from wind. The same was true for the thin, painted aluminum doors which were visibly unstable. The “new” shade curtains had also slipped out of the tracks and fallen into disrepair. Nothing we’ve seen lately could make a better case for using the highest quality materials and skilled talent for installation.

Like their pasta, we had to start from scratch. Now, our new motorized shade install allows them to fully use more of the space. Even better, everything keeps their customers safe while they savor their truffle bread and calamari on a beautiful patio.


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