Pizza Place Patio Made Over With Motorized Outdoor Curtains February 1, 2017

One of the concerns at this location was easy access, so we included a door in the design.When a Yelp photo of your patio has the caption “too cold, so no one sits out here,” something needs to change. St. Philip Pizza Parlor + Bakeshop, a popular Austin eatery that combined pizza and baked goods for the ultimate complete casual dining experience, saw the problem and called us to help. Our motorized outdoor curtains, or cafe blinds, can not only protect your outdoor space from rain and wind but also can substantially change the temperature on a chilly space. Remember that Yelp review? Cafe blinds can change it all–and we can help. For St. Philip, we needed to create a plan that kept the unique look that set St. Philip apart, while still providing a protected space for diners and staff alike.

Motorized Outdoor Curtains Adapt to Your Space

One of the things we wanted to make sure we achieved at St. Philip was to keep the character of the unique patio. With its vaulted ceilings and wooden accents, it was not a standard outdoor space to work with, but that is one of the benefits of our cafe blinds. Because we custom design our products to meet your unique needs. St. Philip had a cross between industrial and rustic design, with an outdoor pavilion that featured soaring open ceilings cross-hatched with planks and topped with corrugated metal roofing. Where would motorized outdoor curtains fit without overwhelming the space?

Our Cafe Blinds Fit Into The Design Plan

We suggested clear patio enclosures, to maximize the view of the garden full of native plants and rocks. The unique view was as important for us to protect as the design, so we helped St. Philip customize a design that was as subtle as possible so that it would stay out of the way of both the design and the view. One particular challenge was creating an exit door in the enclosure, but we achieved that by creating a standalone exit on the side of the patio that stays put whether the motorized outdoor curtains are up or down. From an entirely open, chilly pavilion to a warm, welcoming, and entirely protected patio space, our cafe blinds helped St. Philip increase their usable seating area no matter the weather without sacrificing their design vision or customer experience.

If you’re looking for a way to do the same, to make your outdoor space more comfortable for customers and clients while keeping the personality of your business intact, let us help! Fill out our contact form and we will arrange a time to give you a free customized quote.


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