Superior Porch Curtains for Your Home or Business with a Smile September 11, 2013

It’s not easy to choose a patio enclosure retailer without knowing the difference—they can all seem the same and it may be tempting to simply choose the one that offers the flashiest deal or the one that’s first in the phone book. But before you choose the solution for your porch, make sure you know the Southern Patio Enclosures difference.

The Best Porch Curtains Are Durable

Flashy doesn’t last, but durable does—and durable should be the most important consideration when you’re choosing porch curtains. Our patio enclosures are the strongest on the market, uniquely manufactured from a commercial grade PVC vinyl, which is the same type used on those tough, debris-hauling dump trucks you see on construction sites and disaster zones. Our state-of-the-art unique manufacturing process abandons the traditional model, of stitching together vinyl pieces and creating structural weaknesses, in favor of a unique RF welding process that bonds the pieces together. This process creates the strongest porch curtains on the market.

Our Products Are American Made

If one of your considerations in choosing a company to provide your porch curtains is where the product is made, or supporting a local business, you’ll get the best of both of those with Southern Patio Enclosures. Our Texas family business uses American-made products—in fact, our manufacturer is also a Texas company, which is important to us and important to you. We know where our products come from and we are proud to continue to support the ingenuity and imagination of American industry.

Our Patio Enclosures Are Customizable

Your porch isn’t the same as your neighbors, and your enclosure shouldn’t be the same either. Your purchase should be designed and created to fit your space specifically, based on your needs and your preferences. Not only will the porch curtains help to enclose your space, but it can also help to accentuate (or hide) the views that you love or hate. Choosing Southern Patio Enclosures is the choice for durable, long-lasting quality that will help you enjoy your outdoor space all year long.