Prepare Your Patio for Summer April 10, 2019

Summer is on its way! The days are getting warmer and longer which means al fresco dining will soon be a popular request for many customers. Make sure your patio is able to meet their needs and provide the perfect space to cool off by installing a custom manufactured sun shade system. Sun shades help all kinds of businesses enhance their outdoor space and provide many benefits including:

Temperature Regulation austin restaurant patio sun shades before and after results

Custom outdoor shades help reduce heat and minimize glare, making them the perfect solution if your patio faces the sun. They transform your outdoor area into an enjoyable space where your customers can relax even during the hottest day of the year. The material of our durable sun shades is able to reflect up to 95% of the sun’s heat, providing an instant 10 degree difference when lowered. Paired with a cooling or misting system, customers will be able to fully enjoy your outdoor space all summer long! Sun shades can also serve as a barrier to block winds and rain, ensuring your patio stays full of happy patrons no matter the weather.

Southern Patio Enclosures is based in Texas where temperatures can easily reach triple digits during the summer, so we understand the need to keep an outdoor space cool and comfortable throughout the season. We work closely with you to make sure your investment meets your needs and provides adequate protection to your patio customers.


Protecting your customers from the heat and sun has never been easier! With a push of a button, the motorized shades can be quickly dropped without disturbing dining customers. Manual solar shade systems are also easily deployed and provide the same comfort and commitment to quality as the motorized systems at a price that fits your budget.


Sun shades can also be used to provide customers with more privacy from the outside world. Our clear vinyl panels can easily be paired with our sun shade material, creating a more intimate atmosphere without blocking the views surrounding your business.

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With the temperatures rising more each day, you will want to make sure your outdoor space is ready to welcome patrons before summer fully hits. Contact us today to get started!


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