Preparing Your Patio for Winter August 5, 2019

Your customers have probably been taking advantage of the sunny summer months by dining outdoors, but without the proper protection, you may lose your extra patio seating very soon. There are many tools that can help extend your patio season, but installing an enclosure system is a guaranteed way of keeping your outdoor seating area full all year long, even during the coldest day of the year.

The Best Time to Prepare Is Now motorized sun enclosures clear vinyl shoal tavern interior patio

It’s never too early to install a patio enclosure system. Once it’s set up, you will be able to seat your customers outside, no matter the weather. During the warm seasons, you can roll-up your panels to let in the fresh air or you can pair your winter panels with a sun shade panel for the summer. Our specialized sun shades allow you to seat customers outside even during peak summer temperatures without sacrificing the comfort of a seat indoors. When the days start getting cooler, the lowered panels will keep the space warm with the help of a patio fireplace or heating system.

Beat the Rush and Provide Warm and Cozy Winter Seating

Many business owners make the mistake of waiting until it starts getting colder to winterize their patios. At Southern Patio Enclosures, we highly encourage you to start preparing now so that your patio is fully prepared to accommodate guests by the time temperatures drop. But while adding electric or gas tube heaters may keep your patio warm, customers will still avoid sitting outside if the day is wet and windy. Patio enclosures not only help keep a warm atmosphere, but also serve as a barrier against all elements. Check out how our motorized enclosures help Shoal Creek Tavern provide a warm and cozy outdoor seating area all year long!

Plan Ahead & Contact Us Today!

Because of high demand, we often have a longer production time leading to the colder months and holiday season. Begin preparing your patio now so that when the cold weather hits, your outdoor seating area will be pristine and ready to host large events and holiday parties. Request your quote today!


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