Buying from Southern Patio Enclosures is Different September 9, 2013

Buying from Southern Patio Enclosures is unlike the experience you’ll receive from many others:

The Southern Patio Enclosures Difference Anywhere You Live

Whether you’re from Rochester, NY, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Las Angeles, Houston, or buying locally in Austin, buying clear vinyl patio enclosures from Southern Patio Enclosures is an experience above all others. A number of things set us apart: First is our staff and the experience and knowledge they bring to the patio enclosure and construction industry, the second is the quality of our custom builds, and the third is the features and options that come with our patio enclosure kits.

Our Patio Enclosures Staff

Mark Chandler, Southern Patio Enclosures’ owner used to be a luxury home builder. During his time here he not only built high quality homes, but he learned a lot about high quality materials and building methods. When he branched out into the outdoor living industry, his skills and knowledge made him more than capable of finding quality patio enclosure manufacturers. You may not be surprised that in this industry, there are a lot of companies who cut corners to increase profits. Mark’s eye for quality has helped him find the top manufacturers in the country to build patio enclosures for his clients.

Quality Custom Patio Enclosures

Southern Patio Enclosures doesn’t mass produce patio enclosures. The reason for this is simple: no two houses are alike. Even if you have to identical houses in your neighborhood, there’s going to be subtitle differences in them, especially as they age. Perhaps the owner of a house changed the fascia or guttering, perhaps lighting was added to the patio where there wasn’t lighting before. Mark’s skills in the construction industry has taught him that when it comes to building something, anything, it’s the small details that make the difference between a great fitting product for your home and a poor product for your home.

For example, many patio enclosure manufacturers use thread and needle to hold their products together. The trouble with this is that this creates a perforation, much like what you’d find in paper that allows it to easily tear. So guess where these sewn products fail when they’re put under a load? That’s right, on the sewn perforation. So when Mark looks for a manufacturer for patio enclosures, he looks at the details in the seams. Southern Patio Enclosures has been able to find a manufacturer who doesn’t sew their seams. Instead, they do a clear weld that is difficult to be seen by the naked eye. This weld is TOUGH and will allow your patio enclosures to withstand high loads.

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Features and Options for Patio Enclosures

We don’t just build the same patio enclosure over and over again because we know that not everybody wants the same thing and everybody has a different set of wants and desires for their restaurant or home patio. Because of this, we offer a variety of features in our patio enclosures.

For example, perhaps you want something that’s motorized. We offer that. Perhaps you want something that is great at resisting high winds. We offer that as well. Maybe you want a rainbow of colors on your porch. Yes, we can give you all kinds of different colors. Perhaps you want a lot of see clear vinyl. Yup, we can give this too you. Perhaps you want an opaque vinyl covering with windows. That’s totally on our list as well.

Among the things that we realize, people have different desires. Not everybody wants to deal with patio enclosures that are flapping about in the wind. Some people just want to push a button and make things happen. Others are OK with standing on chairs or step ladders to put their enclosures away or put them down. Others want a doorway when their patio enclosures are deployed and some just want the things to totally vanish when they’re not in use. Southern Patio Enclosures recognizes this and we offer many different options with your patio enclosure purchase.

So don’t take our word for it, fill out the form below and Mark will call you himself to discuss your wishes for your clear vinyl patio enclosures and a free quote. We hope to hear from you soon!