Restaurant Rooftop Patios, All Upside December 10, 2021

A cool breeze, a sweeping skyline view and a refreshing beverage in hand. What could be better than a rooftop patio? A restaurant lucky enough to have the top floor can set its sights higher with a rooftop patio expansion. Enclosing a space like this keeps a 360-degree view accessible and comfortable for more of the year. And of course, maximizing seating this way gets great press as selfies in the clouds of happy guests pop up on social media.

Higher Up Means Stronger Materials rooftop restaurants with patio enclosures

Once you pass the second or third floor, the possibility of increased winds is always there. Any choice you make from furniture to greenery to the enclosure itself needs to keep that in mind. For security and durability, experienced custom enclosure designers recommend top-of-the-line motorized shades made with high-grade, commercial materials for these installations. With a touch of a button, guests are protected in just a few seconds and your shades aren’t flopping around when a breeze kicks up.

Experts Only

Finding the right team is key. Not everyone is experienced enough to take on a project like this. First, getting building materials to the roof can be a challenge. Cranes and lifts often need to be used. Workers will then have to work from inside those lifts. Safety zones need to be created for workers, the ground below, and the building itself. And of course, the team needs to be mindful of any power lines or other obstacles nearby.

The Skyline in Your Eyeline

That may sound like a lot, but not for the professional installers who have the know-how. Once completed, your restaurant has an immense view and that once empty patio is now filled with happy, paying customers. So, when you can’t go out, consider going up to max out revenue. And as always, if you have any questions our experts are ready to offer any advice or suggestions.


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