Sun Shades Improve Your Guests’ Dining Experience May 15, 2019

When customers consider a restaurant, their choice is based on the atmosphere as much as the cuisine. Help your restaurant stand out from the competitors by providing your customers with an enjoyable outdoor dining experience, fully protected from the scorching summer heat.

Creating a Better Ambiance

Outdoor dining is becoming increasingly popular as the days get warmer. However, when the summer sun becomes too unbearable, guests may avoid your patio seating, reducing the opportunity for profit and greater revenue. By incorporating our custom-designed motorized or manual sun shades to your outdoor area, you can fully protect customers from the sun’s harsh heat and rays while still allowing plenty of light through. The shades offer an instant 10 degree difference when lowered, ensuring that patio guests remain cool and comfortable. To further control your patio’s climate, pair your shades with cooling and misting fans.

Protecting Your Customers’ Experience

Too much glare and direct exposure to the sun can quickly ruin a customer’s experience, especially if they are sitting outside during the hottest time of the day. Fortunately, our solar shades are a quick and efficient solution to blocking harsh light and heat. The material of our shades can block up to 95% of the sun’s rays, instantly making your outdoor area pleasantly cool. Customers will be able to sit anywhere they please without having to worry about being in the direct path of the sun. As an added benefit, if you completely surround your patio with screens, sun shades even help keep pesky insects at bay, guaranteeing an enjoyable dining experience to your guests.

Meeting the Needs of Your Guests

No longer will you have to close your outdoor seating area when the weather is less than preferable. Pairing your sun shades with our enclosure screens creates a weatherproof system that allows customers enjoy your patio all year long. Our screens are manufactured to completely protect against all the elements, including high winds and heavy rainfall. Our manual and motorized enclosure systems can be lowered in a moment’s notice without disturbing patrons.

Sun Shades: The Perfect Solution

Sun shades are versatile and a practical investment that can easily enhance your patio’s appearance and promote your guests’ dining experience. Contact us today to receive a complimentary quote!


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