Sunshades. The view without the scorch. August 3, 2021

In warm weather months, eating and communing outside on the patio is a natural. But what happens when that yellow orb in the sky reaches the tipping point of feeling uncomfortable? All you need is the right set of custom sunshades. If your patio faces any direction besides north, they’re seriously worth considering. iron cactus shaded patio motorized restaurant solar shades

Here are 7 top reasons to sunshade your patio.

  1. They cut down on annoying and harmful glare.
  2. Harmful UV rays can be blocked up to 90%-95% with the right material choices.
  3. Heat from the direct sun can also be blocked by 90%-95%, offering an immediate 10-degree drop in temperature.
  4. Outdoor views look incredible, even with the added layer of protection.
  5. Wind gets blocked so that a gust doesn’t flip menus or tableware over.
  6. They offer a layer of rain protection, especially with woven PVC fabric.
  7. Buzz reduction, since sunshades can help keep insects at bay too.

Check out even cooler new technology.

Hand-operated shades are still an option, though it’s very easy to motorize sunshades. If you like being even more future forward, check out next-gen sunshade control. Now Alexa or Google Home can move shades up and down for you with voice command. You can also use a remote to control multiple shades at once.

Keep your patio pleasant and full.

Who wants guests to bail on the patio because it’s uncomfortable? When you work with an expert, you can choose the color, opacity and materials to create the highest performing sunshades for your space. An expert will also help you compliment your architecture and style to keep everything attractive.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. After customizing and installing thousands of sunshades over the years, both manual and motorized, we know quite a lot about them. Many of our clients choose 3% openness for serious protection that preserves the view you come out on a patio to enjoy. Never forget that squinting, broiling and burning on a patio are now optional.


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