Tips to Improve Your Restaurant’s Patio This Summer April 16, 2018

Summer is just around the corner! Seasonal menus and special cocktails paired with an amazing patio or stellar rooftop are sure to make your business a hot spot this summer (no pun intended). As the demand for outdoor seating increases, you want to make sure your restaurant’s patio has the features it needs to accommodate your customers and their needs. Luckily, there are a variety of different ways to keep your customers happy.

Pet-Friendly Restaurants

When the weather is nice, people enjoy being in the outdoors, especially with their dogs. If you’re a pet-friendly business, consider sharing photos and announcements on your social media to encourage customers to come out with their pets and enjoy your exceptional outdoor area. Keep your patrons cool and comfortable with patio shades, like our motorized sun screens, and a nearby water cooler to help with the summer heat.

Install Shading Options to Your Patio

Perhaps the most important thing of all is to ensure your outdoor area stays comfortable even during the day’s highest temperatures. Entice customers to escape the hot, summer heat and turn to your patio to relax and cool off by enhancing your outdoor area with our sun shades or patio enclosure products. Customized to meet your needs, our easily retractable enclosures are able to decrease temperatures by 10 degrees and reduce debilitating sun glares, allowing your customers to enjoy the view. Combined with AC, oscillating fans, or a misting system, you can ensure that your customers stay cool and satisfied, even during the hottest days of summer.