NEW High Wind Patio Enclosures from Southern Patio Enclosures August 14, 2013

NEW High Wind Patio Enclosures from Southern Patio Enclosures

Southern Patio Enclosures is proud to announce the strongest vinyl patio enclosure on the market

Our Systems Can Tolerate High Winds

Upgrades to Our Products Provide Fuller High Wind Protection

Southern Patio Enclosures is excited to announce our new product line of High Wind patio panels, built to withstand up to 65 mph wind gusts. Perfect for patios in typically windy climates or in areas that frequently have breezy winter weather, our High Wind patio systems are durable, strong, and easy-to-use. Our motorized enclosures have been upgraded to withstand high winds of 85 mph – without damage! For further protection, we can also manufacture our motorized systems to be hurricane-rated products, easily enduring up to 120 mph winds. 

Enclosed Patios Tested by Windy Texas Plains

Springtime brings a host of exciting changes, and for Southern Patio Enclosures, our first chance to see our new High Wind patio enclosures in action. The windy plains of Texas in 2013 provided plenty of opportunities to test the durability and strength of our new High Wind patio enclosures. Breezy conditions, cooler temperatures and strong spring storms combined to create the perfect climate conditions to showcase the strength and durability of our High Wind patio enclosures.

Our High Wind Patio Enclosures Are Made Differently

Because we use a unique RF welding process in our manufacturing, our rope & pulley patio enclosures successfully endure wind gusts of up to 65 miles per hour—without damage! Our competitors use stitching that leaves their products vulnerable to significant damage along those seams after even the mildest wind gust. With the RF weld, we bond our vinyl material together, ensuring that, when used properly, these High Wind patio enclosures can stand both the test of time and windy conditions. Combine this manufacturing process with the strength of our steel-reinforced track system and your enclosed patio will remain comfortably protected from the elements for years to come.

High Wind Patio Enclosures Are Easy to Operate

Though you’ll love how durable these high wind patio enclosures are, you’ll likely be entirely thrilled by their easy use. Choose from either a manual or motorized gear system and be amazed by how easy your patio enclosures are to unfurl and retract. Beautiful day? Retract the walls of your enclosed patio and create an open-air environment that you can enjoy. Chilly wind? Unfurl the walls of your patio enclosure with a turn of a crank or the touch of a button and create a warm, inviting space that your neighbors will envy. Simple and easy to operate, these patio enclosures let you spend your time enjoying your enclosed patio rather than wasting time setting it up.

High Wind Systems Are Durable and Backed by Our 3-Year Warranty

We are so sure that your enclosed patio will stand up to the true test of daily living, we back our product with a three-year warranty. All you need to do is use it properly, clean it every few months, and enjoy your new enclosed patio, feeling secure that it will keep you snug and comfortable for years to come. Interested in finding out how you can turn your outdoor space into space that works for you year round, regardless of the weather ? Contact us today!