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Hat Creek Burger Company

Fast-Casual Texas Burger Chain  hat creek patio screens

Hat Creek Burger Company is a family-friendly restaurant known for its fresh selection of foods and friendly service. From hearty breakfast tacos to mouthwatering burgers, Hat Creek prides itself on serving quality ingredients with a smile. Featuring multiple locations across Texas, this fast-casual burger chain is also known for its iconic outdoor play yards, providing the perfect place for families to interact in a beautiful atmosphere.

Tasty Burgers With a View to Enjoy

With the help of our patio enclosures system, Hat Creek customers can enjoy beautiful Texas views all year round. The new commercial windscreens in the Houston and Dallas locations make it possible to seat more people at a time, allowing families to enjoy their spacious patio. Our patio enclosure systems pair excellently with Hat Creek’s mission to provide a family-friendly atmosphere in both the hottest and coldest of temperatures. Our weatherproof solutions give their customers and staff complete protection from Texas’ dynamic weather patterns.