Offering consistent, nationwide service, we partner with our clients, making the implementation of your project as smooth as possible.

Increase Your Daily Revenue

Enclosing your patio with a versatile system from Southern Patio Enclosures allows you to seat customers on your patio daily, no matter the weather, lowering your wait time during peak hours. This increased seating comes without needing to add rent, parking, or restrooms. Our clients typically recover their capital investment in 2-3 months for our Rope & Pulley Patio Enclosures, and 6-12 months for our Motorized Enclosures.


Customer Comfort

Our patio enclosures will help protect your customers from mother nature, offering at least a 10 degree difference immediately as soon as they are deployed.  Add AC or portable heaters for more drastic climate control.  Block the wind on waterfront patios or hide unsightly views from your patio. Create a private party space for your establishment.  Our enclosures are customized to your needs.  All of this with the ability to completely retract the enclosures out of sight when the weather is beautiful and your customers want an open-air patio.