America’s Finest Restaurants Choose Southern Patio for Their Restaurant Patio Screens:

We Offer a Range of Commercial/Restaurant Patio Screens:

black rock restaurant winter patio enclosures

Commercial-grade components and construction meets economical solutions for your business with our Rope & Pulley or Hand Rolled patio screens.

Sleek design and simple function combined with the strength of our commercial-grade components offers you the highest quality patio enclosure on the market.

We work with restaurants and restaurant groups across the nation, partnering with you to make the implementation of your patio screens as smooth as possible.

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Features & Benefits of Our Patio Enclosures

Businesses and architects across the country have utilized our patio enclosures for restaurants, hotels, casinos, stores, vineyards, camps, and more. We provide the strongest motorized and manual enclosures available in today’s market. Our framing systems allow us to install the patio enclosures to your outdoor area, without having to build additional beams or columns. We work closely with our clients throughout the development of each enclosure to create extraordinary spaces that you and your customers will enjoy. If your patio screens require additional service, our teams are strategically located across the nation to help you.

Our patio enclosures are the perfect way to get the most out of your restaurant’s outdoor spaces year-round. Our products are NFPA 701 Certified Flame and Fire Retardant, allowing you to pair them with heaters during the winter months to provide your customers with a warm, comfortable climate. For the summer months, the patio screens can be easily rolled up to allow customers to enjoy the sunny weather and beautiful views, or they can be paired with our sun shade material to protect against the sun’s glares. During sudden weather changes, the patio screens can be quickly deployed to protect your customers from strong winds, rain, and other elements.

We understand that patio enclosures are an investment to your business. As a result, we provide affordable financing options to our clients and work with you to give you the best finance option that suits your business needs. To get started, fill out your finance form or contact us to learn more.

At Southern Patio Enclosures, we strive to deliver the most durable and economical patio enclosure products nationwide. We know that each business is unique, which is why our patio enclosures are custom-made to suit the design and needs of your restaurant. Choose between our clear vinyl or sun shade materials to compliment your enclosure and get the most out of your outdoor space. Our products are also easy to install. We provide written instructions and how-to videos, as well as telephone support during our business hours. If you prefer professional installation, contact us today to speak with a representative.

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Our Commitment

To Quality

Our team of professionals have over 50 years combined experience helping business owners create beautiful, functional outdoor spaces for all seasons with our custom patio screens.

We work directly with every client to understand your unique needs and to create a customized, high-quality patio enclosure that will add employment and value to your business for years to come.

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To Customer Service

Southern Patio Enclosures is a family owned and operated business, so we believe that our clients should be treated like members of that same family.  We just don’t know any other way to do it.

When you become a part of the SPE family, we are committed to your project from start to finish, offering advice, help, and answers throughout the process and beyond.  Contact us today!

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Southern Patio Enclosures regularly works with architects to integrate our patio enclosures into the blueprints of restaurant designs. Speak with one of our representatives to obtain technical information regarding our patio enclosures.