Wind Breaks Help ROI
Outdoor wedding receptions, retirement parties and any other group event can now be planned with confidence that you’ll have a place to entertain your customers in, no matter what the weather brings.
Motorized Patio Enclosures
Motorized Patio Enclosures transform any open-air porch into a year-round usable living space. Wind rating of 85mph!
RF Welded Seams
Our RF Welding process permanently bonds the clear vinyl of our patio enclosures together, eliminating the perforation and weak points that stitches create.
Restaurant Patio Enclosures
Turn tables year-round with our hand rolled patio enclosures. Keep the elements out of your patio and your customers on your patio!
Four Season Patio
With our patio enclosures you will have a true four season patio and still have an open patio when you want one.
Crank Patio Enclosures
Our Crank Patio Enclosures are rated to withstand winds of up to 65mph! They’re perfect for windy climates or waterfront properties and are very simple to operate.
Welcome to Southern Patio Enclosures, your stop on the web for the best clear vinyl patio enclosures on the market today. Our team of experts are ready to help you design the perfect enclosures for your needs.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our years of home building and remodeling means we know quality patio enclosures and sun shades. We've been helping restaurants and other commercial buyers like hotels build quality patio enclosures all over the country.

Commitment to Customer Service

Years of experience and commitment to customer satisfaction set the team at Southern Patio Enclosures apart. Let us help you customize the right solution for your patio.

Build your own well-designed clear vinyl patio enclosure system

Our custom clear vinyl patio enclosures come with a number of customizations so that they fit your style. We offer a wide variety of different fabrics, colors, installation options, and back it all with a fantastic warranty.


Easy to use

Enjoy the ease of use and the impressive durability of our clear vinyl patio enclosures.


Wind breaks

Using your patio enclosures as wind breaks has some fantastic benefits.


High wind

Our high wind patio enclosures are the strongest in today's market.


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