High temperatures and relentless sun glares can wreak havoc on your restaurant or business. If it’s too hot or too bright outside, you lose your valuable outdoor seating options. The glaring sun can also heat the interior of your restaurant, making the temperature inside harder to keep under control and increasing your energy bills.

Keep your outdoor area cool and full of customers by pairing your patio enclosure system with our sun shade material.

Benefits of Commercial Sun Shades

Implementing retractable restaurant sun shades has several benefits including:

Available patio seating all summer. Our sun shades allow you to seat customers on your patio daily, even during summer peak temperatures, without sacrificing the comfort of a seat indoors. This can make for lower wait times, happier customers and increased revenue for your restaurant. Specialized solar shade materials in our patio enclosure products can block 90-95% of the sun’s heat and rays, offering at least a 10 degree difference immediately after being deployed. If you are seeking more drastic climate control, our patio sun shades work seamlessly in conjunction with other cooling products such as AC and misting fans

Increasing the adaptability of your space. Not only can our solar shades block heat in the summer, but can also keep outdoor spaces warm during cold winter months when fully enclosed. Having outdoor seating capability year-round allows you to increase your overall capacity, which increases your daily revenue. Check out our previous work to get an idea of how solar screens increase the versatility of different spaces.

Quick Return on your investment. Both our vinyl and motorized solar shades are great investments for your restaurant or commercial property to capture additional revenue. Our clients typically recover their capital investment in 2-3 months for rope & pulley shades, and 6-12 months for motorized solar shades.

custom beige patio sun shades with clear vinyl windows and climate control system deployed glorias interior patio garland texas restaurant furniture

We Offer the Highest Quality of Retractable Sun Shades in the Market

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Our sun shades are constructed from high quality polyester and vinyl on polyester fabrics. They are engineered to the highest quality standards, ensuring their compliance with even the strictest building codes. Designed to withstand years of use in virtually any environment conditions, our sun shades are mildew and fade resistant, and only require mild soap and water for maintenance.

Retractable Patio Solar Shades Are the Key to Climate Control

Whether you are looking for shades to control climate, block the wind, or just want to hide unsightly views from your patio, our multifunctional commercial solar shades offer measurable results, all customized to meet your needs. Contact us today to receive a free quote and start your investment!

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Southern Patio Enclosures regularly works with architects to integrate our patio enclosures into the blueprints of restaurant designs. Speak with one of our representatives to obtain technical information regarding our patio enclosures.