Introducing MaxView…the largest clear window view for motorized shades!

When you are choosing a patio enclosure system for your business, you want the strongest, sleekest, and simplest roller shades on the market—but you also need the most durable. Quite simply, that’s what our motorized patio blinds provide. Our top-of-the-line motorized blinds offer your patio an unobtrusive, sophisticated design with a streamlined function that is just as impressive. Our product provides your customers protection from the elements and can be customized to meet your business’ needs. Choose the fabric, color, and installation options that best match your outdoor area’s design and branding. Successfully used in upscale restaurants, hotels, and conference centers across the country, our motorized roller shades are the answer to your outdoor patio needs. Contact us today for a free quote!

At Southern Patio Enclosures, we firmly believe in delivering high-quality customer service. We work closely with our clients throughout the development of each motorized patio enclosure, and provide service after the sale. We have experience working with architects on individual and multi-site rollouts, providing the technical details of our motorized patio blinds and assisting in the integration of the motorized screens within the design of the patio. Get A Free Quote

Premium Quality Commercial Retractable & Motorized Patio Blinds

Our commercial motorized patio blinds are easy and quick to operate, built to be as seamless and invisible as possible and deploy faster than any other patio enclosures we offer. You deploy these roller shades with the push of a button, without interrupting patio customers or guests as they enjoy their outdoor experience. The motorized window screens are surrounded by all-metal housing and tracks, with rope welting sides that slide into the side tracks like the mainsail on a sailboat. This locks the curtain into its tracks where it cannot slip out under wind pressures like other competitors’ motorized zippered systems would. With a reinforced roll tube across the top and the heaviest bottom weight bar in the industry, we are able to expand the size of our window screens larger than our competitors’ systems.

With our motorized roller shades, you can quickly adjust your restaurant’s patio to changing weather, deploying up to 16 patio screens with the push of a couple of buttons. Our motorized enclosures are easy to use and will keep your customers happy and your outdoor space comfortable. Imagine the impression you will make as you can immediately anticipate the needs of your guests and meet them in seconds, with the push of a button. No fumbling, no interruption, no delay—just comfort and protection.

For more information and to receive a free quote on your commercial motorized patio blinds, call us at (512) 782-8787 or fill out our form today!

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MaxView – The Largest Clear Window Available for Motorized Retractable Shades

MaxView window vinyl panels

Are you ready to see more? The physics of patio enclosures just made a giant, 360-degree leap forward.

Taking in sunsets, skylines, mountains, flowers and trees, and of course sun! is what sitting outside is all about for restaurant patio-goers. And when a patio gets enclosures to protect guests from rain, wind, and other weather, you hope for an uninterrupted view. Now everyone can enjoy true patio ambiance as they see so much more.

New technology for us crates a maximum view for you (But you probably guessed that by the name!)

The sunny secret is all in the seams. With our original vinyl shades, more structural support is needed in the form of opaque vertical seams and wider horizontal seams at the top of the shade. This new product offers a clear-to-clear weld that almost completely disappears. We’re all about evolving our products as new thinking and science make what was impossible possible.

Nice views become the nicest patio views with MaxView. Let us show you how the patio experience you always imagined can be yours this year.

Sleek and Stylish: Our Motorized Patio Blinds Provide a Streamlined Look

Not only are our motorized window screens easy to use, but they also become a seamless part of your outdoor architecture. Our motorized roller shades can be installed so that they completely disappear when rolled up. When your system is entirely recessed and not in use, your motorized patio screens are hidden into their hood, or they can be recessed completely into your wall or overhead fixture, leaving your outdoor space true to its original design. When your restaurant’s patio blinds are deployed, it offers a sleek and sophisticated design that communicates the same sort of style as the rest of your outdoor area. Because of the design and construction of our motorized patio blinds, the shades will deploy easily, staying straight and level throughout their long life. Whether recessed or deployed, your patio blinds will become an integral, practical, and sophisticated part of your outdoor space.

Our commercial motorized patio blinds combine practicality and style in a way that can be completely customized to your space and needs. No two patios or porch spaces have the same characteristics and no two businesses have the same protection needs. As a result, our motorized roller shades can be designed to meet the design and aesthetics of your outdoor space. Contact us today to learn more!

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Durable and Strong: Our Retractable Roller Shades Stand Up To The Elements

motorized clear vinyl enclosures sun shade material restaurant patio commercial tables and chairs

A beautiful set of restaurant patio shades is a wonderful option, but a beautiful set of motorized roller shades that can also withstand the elements and is constructed of the finest materials is the best option. With motorized window screens from Southern Patio Enclosures, that combination of characteristics is precisely what you’ll get. Our motorized roller shades can be configured to be Miami-Dade certified, and still operational after withstanding hurricane-force wind and debris. This is achieved by construction with the most durable materials available, a reinforced roller tube, all metal side tracks, and the heaviest weight bar in the industry.

The first way we ensure the strength of our motorized patio blinds is through the fabric that we offer. The clear vinyl used to maintain your beautiful views is double thickness, to anticipate the stresses that ordinary (and extraordinary) weather might put on them. Our solid vinyl fabric is the strongest in the industry: architectural grade, reinforced, and strong. The material we use is three times as strong as standard fiberglass and loses only 1% of its original strength after seven years of weathering. What does that mean for you? Your restaurant’s motorized patio blinds will last longer than products made of different materials.

Our Ripstop technology is just one of the ways that the durability of our product surpasses others in the industry. If at any time your colored vinyl border or sun shades are cut, they will not continue to tear. The rip with literally stop—and it will not fray. Imagine the financial impact of this technology. When defects and accidents happen, our reinforced and durable vinyl patio blinds continue to perform without further damage.

If you are looking for the strongest wind resistance available, our motorized drop-down window screens can be customized with a Kevlar screen, allowing them to be Miami-Dade Certified to withstand hurricane-strength winds and debris up to 120 mph! This ensures that when they are inadvertently exposed to strong winds, they will be able to withstand them and remain operational. This level of strength allows you to remain confident in the structural integrity of your outdoor motorized patio blinds.

Customized and Adaptable: Our Motorized Roller Shades Meet Your Patio Needs

Our motorized and manual roller shades can be completely customized to your needs, including the design and fabric choices. One of the first decisions you will make as you work with our team is the placement of clear, opaque, and sun shades fabric. The clear vinyl helps you to maintain the views that make your patio an enjoyable place to spend time. Determining where you want to place the clear windows is your first step. The second step is to determine how to complement those clear vinyl screens with colored vinyl, which comes in two types: opaque or sun shades vinyl. Opaque vinyl hides the view, making it a perfect choice to shield any areas you’d like hide or for a permanent privacy block, perhaps from other businesses. Just like the clear vinyl can showcase a beautiful view that you want to maintain, the opaque vinyl can help you eliminate the view you dislike. The sun shades option offers privacy as well, as you can see through to the outside but passersby cannot see in, while maintaining mild airflow and protecting from the glare and heat of the sun. We will help you determine the best option for you as we complete the design process together, taking into account your location and unique circumstances.

When we are customizing your view, you will also have the opportunity to customize your color choice. Opaque vinyl can be customized in a number of color combinations, including more than sixteen bright, bold colors and six subtle, neutral options. You control the design and the palette, which may mean something very different depending on each structure’s needs and your goals. Your commercial location can maintain its stylish design with this adaptable color palette, creating a sleek and high-end look that your customers will appreciate. Your unique design needs and your location’s specific characteristics will drive the construction your patio’s motorized roller shades.

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DIY or Professional: An Adaptable Installation Process for Retractable Patio Blinds

motorized beige sun shades clear vinyl window lowered afternoon sun outside glorias restaurant

The last step in completing your motorized patio blinds order is to determine which installation process works best for your location. We offer tremendous support for every customer before, during, and after the installation process, including step-by-step instruction videos, so your installation decision should be based solely on the option that works best for you.

The first option is the DIY installation process. If you feel confident installing your patio’s custom motorized roller shades, you are free to do just that. We will provide you with written and video instructions and support throughout the process, to ensure that your window screens are properly installed and operating correctly. While that process may seem complicated because of the many features of the motorized patio blinds, we will support you throughout and answer any questions you may have as you proceed.

Professional installation is another option that you can explore, either through your own contractor or through one of our certified crews. If you supply your own contractor, who may not have had experience with our motorized outdoor patio blinds, we will provide them the same support and guidance that we would offer to you if you were installing the enclosure yourself because we want to ensure that you have the best possible experience with installation. If you’d feel more comfortable working with a certified crew with plenty of experience in patio enclosure installation, we have crews in Austin, Atlanta, and Orlando. We can  also send our Texas crew anywhere in the United States to oversee and complete your project.

Commitment and Experience: The Southern Patio Enclosures Difference

One thing you’ll notice from the very beginning of your experience with Southern Patio Enclosures, perhaps when you call us for a free consultation and estimate about your outdoor space, is our commitment to our customers. As a small business, we believe that the key to success is keeping our customers as happy as we possibly can—and that means beginning with a superior product and ending with superior customer service.

You’ll work with a professional, seasoned team to customize a patio solution that works best for your space, situation, and budget. We will answer your questions, help you with installation, and help you maximize the benefits of your restaurant’s patio. One of the ways we stand behind our customers and our products is through our three-year warranty against manufacturer defects. The care and maintenance of your commercial motorized roller shades is simple, and the warranty covers any defects that are not a result of misuse. Even though our motorized patio blinds withstand the strongest of winds, the best way to ensure the long life of your window curtains is to keep them protected from the elements when not in use. With the push-button operation of our motorized patio blinds, that task is as easy as can be. We are proud to offer our warranty on all of our products, as we know that it offers an additional layer of security to our customers while demonstrating our commitment and confidence in our products.

At Southern Patio Enclosures, we work hard to gain and keep your trust—and the greatest compliment we get is the many referrals we have gotten from past happy customers. Trusting your friends and colleagues in our hands is an honor that we take seriously. Contact us today for a free quote on your commercial motorized patio blinds!

Southern Patio Enclosures regularly works with architects to integrate our patio enclosures into the blueprints of restaurant designs. Speak with one of our representatives to obtain technical information regarding our patio enclosures.