Picnic for Restaurants

Summer Can Be a Picnic for Restaurants

Getting together in the free-flowing air with our favorite people and wondering what will come out of the picnic basket or cooler creates great memories. Now restaurants and caterers help busy customers picnic more often, while keeping it all blissfully easy.

Picnic for two or 200?

From take-out picnics to summer picnicking corporate style, restaurants are getting more creative than ever. As every pro knows, the particulars matter.  Are your customers headed to the park or beach with a small picnic or to a venue that holds the entire company? Is on-site catering possible? If not, everything needs to be portable and made at your place, maybe supplementing with grills that are on site or that you bring in. Where can you set up a serving station? And what size is your working area? Is it buffet style or handheld noshing? So many questions, but all good ones. 

Think about creating your own handy picnic venue list to steer customers toward locations that thrill them and ensure your success too. Of course, getting from Point A to Point B means making sure that you’re stocked with portable catering equipment like drink carriers, food pan carriers, and other totable helpers.

Hand-Held Menu

Hand-held foods can be very helpful since an outdoor picnic is casual. It’s easy eating. And if it’s a little messy, no one cares. Think small plates, curated.

Also consider personal lunch boxes. You can prepare them ahead of time or offer them to guests to fill as they make their own choices. They’re disposable and re-usable during the event as folks go back for seconds. Or thirds because you’re that good. Plan on foods that travel at a common temperature and aren’t too fragile if you are pre-packing them.

Keep It Lively

Beyond food, helping customers pull off a theme can add to the celebration. You can also charge extra for decorations like sports, ocean, and safari motifs. Any of these ideas can be carried through in food, drinks, desserts, plates, napkins, and other accessories.  

Whether you’re catering off-site or on your restaurant patio, it’s also fun to get everyone in the summer spirit with activities like cornhole, dancing, bocce, lawn darts, croquet, kiddie pool fishing, or movie night under the stars.

Thinking Outside the Blanket 

Food Network says that Bumpa’s in Charleston, SC makes a beach picnic foolproof with “a beach umbrella and picnic basket to rent, filled with some of their favorite appetizers like hush puppies and pimento dip, plus cold bottles of water and some hand sanitizer. They’ll throw you a link to their custom playlist, “Bumpa’s Bytes,” so you have a seaside soundtrack, too.” Pretty cool! How can you help your restaurant customers make the most of summer? Other restaurants have blankets, picnic baskets and even picnic tables ready to loan, as well. 

Keeping That Picnic Vibe Going

Ready to create a picnic feeling at your own restaurant or catering venue long term? A strong patio enclosure can help without breaking the bank. You’ll want to consider important details that add to durability like corrosion-resistant hardware and heavy-duty zippers to ensure that whatever you choose is high quality. Staff experts with years of experience at Southern Patio Enclosures are happy to help you see how to make it happen.