Perry’s Steakhouse — Franklin, TN

With butcher shop roots dating back to the late 1970s, Perry’s has become one of the country’s most-loved steakhouses with locations across the U.S. from Houston to Colorado and Miami. Here, it’s all in the many thoughtful details, like tableside carvings, aged and marbled steaks, and the pecan wood used to roast their famous seven-finger-high pork chop for 6 hours. Guests also rave about the fillet mignon, which can be sauced with Bearnaise or peppercorn reduction.

In addition to four private dining rooms, this new Tennessee location offers patio seating. Creating a seamless visual look for this high-end enclosed patio came down to choices as thoughtful as those on Perry’s menu. We worked in tandem with their architect to make sure that every technical detail was spot on. Then we installed everything to ensure that every square inch lined up. These motorized shades keep the exterior dark and elegant, yet guests get a maximum window view! We’re proud to have helped create this sleek top-to-bottom look that protects guests throughout the year and pleases the eye whether you’re driving past it or eating inside.