Mac’s Speed Shop – Fayetteville, NC

If you’re going to take on BBQ in the land of BBQ, you better know your shoulder from your brisket. Mac’s Speed Shop has the awards and sauces to qualify as the real deal. This is a true smokehouse with low and slow cooking. Ten different scratch-made sauces stand at the ready – from North Carolina White to Honey BBQ to South Carolina Mustard and Buffalo. Burnt ends and homemade pickles are crowd-pleasers. Humble baked beans get accolades. And the enormous 5 lb. sandwich is the ultimate dare. This team has heart too. When you order their delicious hush puppies, all the proceeds are donated to the Independence Fund to help support wounded veterans.

Every day, you’ll see Harleys parked in the lot and a lot of satisfied BBQ lovers on the patio. That patio has a super casual look and feel, half open-air for furry friends and half enclosed. The roll-up vinyl panels we made for them help delineate the two spaces and provide protection, as needed. The rope and pulley mechanicals are an economical option. These vinyl panels can also withstand winds of up to 45 mph — the highest wind ratings on the market, allowing this smoking-hot restaurant to maximize outdoor income.  That’s a good thing in an area that skews windy for over half the year.