Supporting Veteran-Owned Eateries

Did you know that Taco Bell was invented by a U.S. Marine Corps cook named Glen Bell? Or that Dave Thomas was a mess sergeant in the Army and served during the Korean War before founding Wendy’s? And who knew that the Waffle House was born from a brainstorming session between two veterans who wanted to open a 24-hour, sit-down restaurant? And the Colonel of “finger-licking good chicken” fame was honorably discharged from the Army after being deployed to Cuba. 

Diversity in local economies is and has been enhanced by the veteran community for decades. According to, about “58,000 restaurants in the U.S. are at least 50% owned by veterans.” They’re part of the larger group of veteran businesses that generate $1 trillion in the United States. 

Stars and Stripes Meet Plates.

It’s natural for many veterans to think about restaurant entrepreneurship. Many were trained in food service to feed each branch of the military. They know how to manage kitchen staff and understand the rules and regulations needed to keep a restaurant running safely. They’re no stranger to hard work and understand both discipline and teamwork. Which means, jumping in to flip an omelet or delivering food to a table if their staff is overwhelmed is no big deal. After rising through the ranks, they also delegate effectively, empowering their team and managing well. 

Help These Restaurants this November 

Here’s how grateful Americans can support veteran-owned restaurants during the month we honor them.

  • Eat at a veteran-owned restaurant. can help point you toward one near you. 
  • Uplift these restaurants by posting on social media
  • Join groups that support or mentor veteran entrepreneurs
  • Help connect veteran businesses with capital if that’s your expertise

Yummy Deals for Military and Vets

If you’re looking for a discount at a large restaurant chain, here is a link to those offering year-round deals to active military and veterans — from Applebee’s to the Melting Pot, Noodles & Company and nearly 60 others. A note: many franchisees can decide for themselves whether to participate in a promotion. So, there may be exceptions. 

For Veteran’s Day 2023, check out this list of restaurants that will cook up free meals and discounts for veterans and active-duty military, including California Pizza Kitchen, Bob Evans, and a long list of others. Don’t miss the red, white and blueberry pancakes at IHOP, a free Legendary Burger at Hard Rock Café and 10 boneless wings at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Thank You Veterans

We sincerely thank those who have served and their loved ones who make sacrifices while their family members serve our country. Please reach out to us directly to let us know how we can support your restaurant with a complimentary consult for your patio enclosure project.