Restaurants that Feed Imagination

Some restaurants add a big helping of awe to a meal, taking normal dining to fantastical. Eat at any one of them and you’re part of the action.


Talk about Instagram worthy, some restaurants come with servers dressed as Robin Hood and
Spiderman. They get their tiki on, or they freeze the 50’s and 60’s forever. Disney offers movie-
themed restaurants based on favorites like Star Wars and the Cars. And in Colorado Springs,
you can eat inside a real airplane. One-of-a-kind experiences like these create stories about
food and fun that last for a lifetime.

Immersive Sizzle in the U.S.

Travel around the country to check out the weird, wild, and wonderful.

North Dakota and Minnesota — Space Aliens Grill and Bar surrounds diners with alien
sculptures and a 30-foot dome that offers a view of space.

Nevada — At Heart Attack Grill, servers dress up as nurses — your first inkling that the menu
here isn’t doctor approved. Fries are cooked in lard. And as you can imagine, the burgers have
quite a lot of bacon piled on top.

Colorado — Casa Bonita, called the “Greatest Show in Denver,” is home to 30 attractions that
include gorillas, a cave, a 30-foot waterfall, and pirates.

California —The Stinking Rose is themed around one ingredient — garlic. Here, they serve
more than 3,000 pounds a month. Try 40 Clove Garlic Chicken and garlic ice cream with
chocolate sauce.

Tennessee, Texas, Colorado — The Aquarium Restaurant is a seafood restaurant with a
200,000-gallon aquarium. “Mystic Mermaid” shows during the month feature mermaids
swimming to music in the tanks.

Texas — How about a laundromat that doubles as a burger joint? You’ll find that at Harvey
Washbanger’s in College Station.

Missouri — Since the 1960’s, a train theme has delighted guests in Kansas City at Fritz’s
Railroad Restaurant with a train that delivers your order right to the table.

Florida — In EPCOT’s World Nature area, the Garden Grill dining room slowly rotates to offer a
special look at the Living with the Land attraction below. All Ears says, “This restaurant is also a
character dining meal, so

Global Experiences

Sublimotion in Spain is a high-end Mediterranean dining concept located in the Hard Rock
Hotel. Guests wear VR headsets to take virtual tours of the world while they eat. By the way,
entrance tickets are edible.

Eatily is a chain of Italian fantasy destinations inspired by the great bazaars of Istanbul. This
Disneyland for foodies offers between 50,000 and 170,000 square feet of Italian immersion at each location. You can buy an espresso, shop for cookbooks, and an endless number of food
items. Then, twirl your fork around a pasta lunch and grab more delicacies to take home.

Cat people, rejoice! Believe it or not, there are 16 cat cafes in Tokyo where you can pet furry
friends while you nosh on your meal.


You may not want to add swimming mermaids or cats to your restaurant, but what if you:

  • Add some kind of live show monthly?
  • Come up with a one-ingredient menu for an evening?
  • Have your servers dress for a holiday?
  • Invite a sculptor to display work around your outdoor patio for a week?

A Down to Earth Idea

Remember that adding awe to a meal can sometimes be as easy as offering your guests a clear
view of a beautiful sunset. If you’d thinking about an outdoor patio enclosure, our experts love
being a sounding board. For a perfect sunset view, ask about the largest clear window for
motorized shades, MaxView.