Gnat’s Landing, Statesboro, GA

Enjoy Lowcountry fare near one of the largest universities in Georgia, GSU. The casual, fun college atmosphere at Gnat’s is perfect for those hitting the books and locals. Their large menu offers something for everybody, seven days a week. Roll up your sleeves for peel-and-eat shrimp with a side of fried banana peppers and onion rings. Come back next time for some fish and okra. And pulled pork sammies, or a classic grilled ham and cheese on Texas toast. There’s no wrong answer.

Gnat’s wanted to handle larger crowds and offer more outdoor fun. So, they recently added a two-story deck. With experience working on multiple levels, we were happy to pitch in. From tiered venues to hotel rooftop event spaces, we know how to move and install materials as high as the top of a skyscraper. Logistics need to be planned differently. And as you can imagine, safety always comes first with this added degree of difficulty. So, if you’re going up, please know that our pros are here for you.