Motorized Cafe Blinds Are Both Sturdy and Low Profile October 27, 2016

You’ve worked hard to create a business that reflects your brand, choosing every aspect of the location and the décor with your final goal in mind. When you choose cafe blinds, to extend your usable square footage throughout the year, why would you do any different? You want a product that is sturdy, well-constructed, and practically invisible—and we can help you create a product that does just that for your business.

Cafe Blinds are Built to Be Low Profile

Our motorized cafe blinds can be designed and installed to become just another part of your business’s architecture. The way they are designed, our curtains completely recess into their hood, creating a sleek profile regardless of where they are installed. If you are looking for an even more unobtrusive look, so that the cafe blinds can hardly be detected when they are not engaged, you can choose to have them installed inside the wall or an overhead fixture. Your business’s design aesthetic will remain intact, and nothing has to call attention to the installation of your cafe blinds.

Motorized Cafe Blinds in Austin, Texas at Wise Guy's Pizzeria that were customized by Southern Patio Enclosures.

Motorized Cafe Blinds in Austin, Texas at Wise Guy’s Pizzeria that were customized by Southern Patio Enclosures.

Cafe Blinds are Built to Be Sturdy

When we designed our motorized cafe blinds, we wanted them to last. So we not only constructed the patio enclosures themselves from the finest materials (radio frequency welded clear vinyl, architectural grade colored opaque vinyl, and Kevlar mesh sun shades), but we also created a structure that will last as well. Surrounded by metal housing and tracks, the cafe blinds slide solidly into the side tracks like the mainsail on a sailboat. Regardless of the pressure of the wind or elements, the curtains cannot slip out the way our competitors’ motorized zippered systems might. We combine this sturdy design with a reinforced roll tube on the top and an industry-leading bottom weight bar, allowing us to design larger patio enclosures than our competitors.

Cafe Blinds are Easy to Use

Because of the strength of this design, our motorized patio enclosures are incredibly easy to use. The standard method for deploying your motorized blinds is a remote control, and you can deploy up to 16 blinds with the push of a couple of buttons. The motorized system allows you to protect your outdoor space quickly, efficiently, and without disrupting an event or a customer’s experience. You can also choose from three other options, including a wall mounted switch, a smartphone app, or a system that detects the weather and adjusts your patio enclosures accordingly. Whatever you want for your Dell Valley, Texas restaurant or Philadelphia hotel, we can design an option that suits you.

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