Maintaining Your Cafe Blinds is a Simple Process November 16, 2016

Maintaining Your Cafe Blinds is a Simple Process. It can be daunting to think about the maintenance of your cafe blinds, but our process is worry-free.

When you make an investment in a piece of equipment for your business, you likely make it a point to keep that piece of equipment well-maintained and working well. When you’ve designed an option to keep your outdoor space protected from the elements and have installed it, with an eye toward maintaining the view, the last thing you want is to damage it with a poor maintenance record. We’ve made the system as fool-proof as possible.

Two Simple Steps Keeps Your Cafe Blinds Pristine

No expensive special equipment is needed to keep your clear vinyl outdoor blinds clear. With a simple wood mop, which is normally made of microfiber and is the same sort of mop you might use on your hardwood floors at home, and some simply vinyl cleaner, you can keep your outdoor blinds clean and well-maintained.

Our Cafe Blinds at Matt's Rancho in Colleyville, Texas.

Our Cafe Blinds at Matt’s Rancho in Colleyville, Texas.

Why do you need to invest in these small but important tools? Why can’t you just use what you have purchased for the rest of the maintenance of your business? Vinyl cleaner, which can be found at your local hardware or marine store or even online, is necessary to keep your vinyl from becoming cloudy or scratched. Other products or cleaning processes will corrupt the strength and clarity of our welded clear vinyl outdoor blinds.

Maintenance Process is Simple With Our Outdoor Blinds

All you need to do, every three months, is spray the vinyl cleaner on the mop and swipe it across your vinyl cafe blinds. Make sure that you wipe the inside and the outside of your enclosures, to loosen any debris that has accumulated and to keep the view so beautiful. You really don’t have to do this frequently—put it on your quarterly to-do list, set an alarm in your phone, or otherwise get into a rhythm and your outdoor blinds will thank you.

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